Angry Birds Mega Smash. Board Game. 2 – 4 Players

Attention, crazy birds in sight! The Angry Birds Mega Smash Game brings the turbulent throwing game at your house. Build towers and obstacles, put the funny pigs somewhere and hit your target! Two to four players can join in this fun board game and show what they can do. The players draw a mission card and build the trail, such as it is depicted on the map. Then the pigs should only be prepared and then an Angry Bird fired the catapult. The player who scores the most points, can call himself the winner. The Angry Birds Mega Smash Game contains the separate games Angry Birds Knock on Wood and Angry Birds on Thin Ice with all accessories and new characters and features such as four sculptures of pigs (including pigs with mustache), the blue bird and the white bird!
  • Angry Birds Mega Pack plus new characters and features
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Item is not designed for children under 36 months.
  • Recommended Age: 6 years
The Angry Birds Mega Smash Game
mega smash angry

mega angry player

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Angry Birds Mega Smash Game from Mattel

Angry Birds Mega Smash Game!

Subscribe! It’s Free! This is the Angry Birds Mega Smash Game. This is how angry birds is written in some other languages: “zogj të zemëruar” “غاضب الطيور” “ … angry birds mega smash game …

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