Baby Step Step Stool, Red. Height: 21cm

Baby -Step

The BIG – BABY -STEP is the ideal step stool for all children from 18 months. It is light and thus ideal to put it where its own length is too short. Down in places The two steps and a height of 21cm, the little ones without problems reach the toilet, the sink or they can help parents cooking. The little ones will take independent steps in the learning process of becoming larger.
The BIG – BABY -STEP is made of high quality plastic from Germany. The stool is very robust and weight 50 kg. To ensure a safe hold the broad, non-slip steps and the legs of silicone on the bottom of the stool. This will prevent slipping.
A practical handle on the back makes the stool easy to transport. And if the new step stool in BIG – BOBBY -CAR design sometime are dirty, you can clean it easily with just ordinary detergent.
The BIG – BABY -STEP is stackable and fitted with a colored band with fur showing the main benefits of the product.
Description: • Two steps, wide and stiff
• Height: 21cm
• Loads up to 50 kg
• Recommended age: 18 months

Brand: Big

Baby Step Step Stool Red
baby step stool

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