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If you’d like to skip the games and simply enjoy the creative aspect by constructing your pieces for display purposes only, then you’ll be pleased to see that we have included some impressive-looking features below. Every nook and cranny of this crime-fighting vehicle is equipped with the finest of details and together with the wheels, this model can be built in a variety of ways, all depending on the mission at hand.

If your kid likes to build toys, then one of the amazing magnetic toys would be a great choice. This set comes prepared for action and includes a transparent ice prison, a sweet stud-shooting freeze gun and a power plant complete with its own novelties. Freeze minifugure to clip in and out with ease. It also contains more pieces if you are looking for a challenging set to put together.Don’t forget to also check our nerf guns guide for more great toys. Targeted for older kids ages 10- to 16-years old, it comes with 1, 456 and is estimated to take five hours to assemble. Assembling it should prove a worthy challenge as it’s nearly a foot long and has the pieces are all mostly black. It also rocks adjustable top wings, huge rubber-tread racing tires, and an armored exterior. But with 3, 444 pieces, it warrants a place on any best-of list. At 1, 619 pieces, it’s not the biggest, but it does have the best assortment of bad guy mini-figures.

All Boxed Lego Batman Movie Sets 1st Wave 2017 Lego Speed Build Review

Clayface’s hands can be swapped with interchangeable, rapid-fire shooters or a big, clay hammer. And with more brown bricks (sold separately), he can conceivably be expanded and built into an even bigger monster.

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