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The BEST Early Reading Material


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The BEST Reading Kit 1



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  • The BEST Reading System is based on an integrated phonetic system, which has been proven over time to be a highly effective method for the introduction to and teaching of reading. It can also successfully complement other reading approaches.
  • The color-coded, carefully graded materials ensure smooth progression from simple to relatively complex skills.
  • The step-by-step program instills confidence and self reliance in early readers.
  • The versatility of the BEST Early Reading Materials ensures that they may be used successfully with new readers in a variety of teaching environments (home or school), with children, or adults whom English is a second language, or with students in need of remedial help.
  • BEST Reading Materials are designed to be used in a classroom with as many as 25 students.
  • BEST Reading Materials save time by eliminating the need for handmade materials.

The materials are designed to last and are printed professionally on sturdy card stock.

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