LEGO 007: Amazon Lego Creator Expert James Bond Aston

Individually packed in a velvet bag and boxed. The back of the box features all of the vehicle’s working features.

Four sets of numbered bags contain the parts for the car. The single instruction booklet comes in its own wrapper, also enclosing the sticker sheet. The second bags build the passenger doors and rear sides, with some interesting techniques to ensure that the doors open and close smoothly. The side vents behind the front wheels include a 2×4 silver tile that sticks partway out of the opening, attached to the interior with a clip connection.Similarly, the sideview mirrors are attached to sub-assemblies that connect to the car’s body on inkwell (or “nipple”) pieces. The finished look for both these relatively minor details is seamless — you’d never know that such complex construction techniques were used to achieve them.

We managed to do that for the bars on the windscreen and rear window, but a sticker-free solution would have been ideal. The front grill we mentioned earlier consists of 7 printed silver tiles. One of the big draws of this set from a pure parts perspective is likely to be the new 1×2 curved brick . Instead, the rear deck is effectively flat.

The only thing in the trunk, though, is a pair of black telescope pieces used to extend the wheel-mounted tire-slashing scythes. A detailed engine sits inside, and can be lifted out with a bit of jiggling. The most complex and finicky working feature is the passenger-side ejection seat. To activate it, you pull the center of the rear bumper, which connects to a flipper mechanism that raises the roof. Releasing the bumper activates the ejection mechanism itself, launching the passenger’s seat into the air and out of the car. The interior is relatively detailed, with lots of (identical) dials on the dashboard, (decorative) steering wheel, and a gearshift that flips the front parking lights to reveal machine guns. On the positive side, the car is packed full of really fun working features, it has a solid selection of interesting parts in high quantities, and you might just learn some useful building techniques along the way. However, the overall shaping leaves a lot to be desired, most of the parts themselves are in a fairly boring light gray (vs. Creator sets are generally a great value. Lego with not release abomination like this again. It just looks way too bulky compared to the elegant flowing lines of the original. It’s a shame that they couldn’t capture the character of the original car since the functions of the set seem to be great. There are not strong enough words to describe what an epic failure this model represents.

You operate these by twisting the exhaust pipes deftly hidden in the rear of the car, or by pulling on the gear stick. Just like in the movies, bad guys who get too close can be taken out by spikes on the hubcaps. But best of all is the working passenger ejection seat. Pull back on the rear bumper to open the roof, then let go for the ejector seat to fire into the air with a satisfying ping!

The team filmed the prototype ejection systems in slow-motion video to get it just right. The front end was also tricky, as the mechanism for moving the machine guns had to be hidden under the engine. The 1964 sports car, which measures in at 13 inches long, is loaded with features, including a detailed interior with a concealable radar tracker and a door compartment with a telephone. There’s other functioning gadgetry as well, most notably a working ejector seat, a revolving license plate and a bulletproof rear window that can be raised and lowered. There are even wheel-mounted tire scythes and a gearstick that when pulled back reveals front-wing machine guns. For now, customers can only buy two of the sets.

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