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This set has been a complete nightmare with regards to the magnets holding the superstructure at the bottom. The magnets snap (like magnets do) but the block detaches from the baseplate it’s supposed to hold on to.

Basically there are 4 wing-shaped parts that form the outside of the hull. The original set shows a hexoganal patterned grey cylinder hemisphere as the top piece and a moon rock as the bottom piece. My biggest issue by far is the engines/comm spheres. Yes that’s correct people, the xl wheels dishes for proper sized engines and 4 pieces for the comm towers (approx.I had troubles with light grey/dark grey/ black which is in abundance in these sets. However when it’s black bricks it’s really black in the booklet. Aside from this and the engines any major appearance differnces?

I did however place the flat base type of plates in one end and the smaller more narrow ones for structure in the other end. But still – getting a close replica for a fraction of the price is still worth it imho. And some of the hinges were a little loose.

Lepin Imperial Star Destroyer Review

My review on this beautiful build. Thanks for watching!

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The biggest deal is the risk of missing key pieces.

I have the magnet plates superglued to each attachment on the wings but the bottom parts of the superstructure (either front or rear depending on the attempt) keeps detaching.

I tallied all of the missing bricks and sent a request to have them replaced. It makes me angry that the missing parts are the same actually.

I find if funny that they give you 10×10 radar dishes and 6×6 and neither fit those wheels. Or did you super glue all the bricks around the magnet attachment?

I no longer have any legos from which to scavenge missing pieces.

I moved it back to make better clearance, but those damn magnets!!!

If they don’t pull the off the outer hull, they break free internally.

I have 8 dark grey technic rails 1×16 that were never used.

I had a dozen blue 2×8 blocks that are never used anywhere!

They going in the huge engines which do not come with the set. Lepin supplies the smaller “wheels” and dishes, but also still supplies the big ones.

I don’t mind a missing piece here and there.

I don’t want something as permanent as superglue. But you may have to act fast as this top 05027 lego is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. And, as most of our sellers offer free shipping – we think you’ll agree that you’re getting this 05027 lego at one of the best prices online. But if you’re up for a challenge and understand what you’re getting into, this set can be lots of fun and feel like an accomplishment once you’re done. Builders will notice that this set pre-dates the era of numbered building stages.

We used these large bins, and put like parts into small piles (or in some cases, just left parts in the bags when the entire bag was full of one element) within them, so that they could easily be relocated or stacked to make space when needed. In fact, once the frame is covered with the wings and external features, you’ll basically never see the interior again since this set does not open for play within the model. Once we’ve got the frame built, further evidence of this being a showpiece is the stand, which gets permanently built into the ship’s structure. Good thing, since this creation is quite hefty once it’s finished. Everything fits together with perfect clutch, which you’ll want for a set which rests so much weight on its base.

The outside of the frame has lots of fun details, as you’ll note above. The engines on the back are fun to build, though our set came with 5-length axles instead of the 6-length the instructions call for. The small engines consist of two sizes of barrels per each. The large engines consist of large tires, molded of grey plastic, of course. And, adding the very minimal colour seen on the outside of this build, translucent blue satellite dishes make an appearance as rocket fuel exhaust. There is a bit of red and blue scattered inside the craft, but none of those bricks will be visible from the outside. You’ll also notice the magnets on the inside. As you’ll find when assembling this set, these suckers are strong !

But we’ll also see that these magnets become a bit of a pain when we put the wings over the frame. First, one more glance at this beautiful structure and its exterior detail. As you might expect, this can be a bit trying at times.

Lego 05027

Many people will want to use some glue on the wings, perhaps.

We did use some glue, though we did not glue every single plate: just a few key structural plates on the lower portion of the wings, where they would already be fighting against gravity to stay up. You’ll build four wing segments: a top and bottom for each side. They are largely similar, and they all consist of plates with a few hinges that will connect on the sides to the frame. The top portions of the wing also have some mounted guns. Now, what the pictures cannot show is the frustration encountered placing the wings into position.

I knew what we were in for: this set is famous for its magnets that are so strong they cling to each other whilst pulling the plates they are attached to off of the building structure. This problem is exacerbated when the bottom wing pieces are held upside down and already fighting gravity to begin with.

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If you decide to build this set, be forewarned this is necessary. If your sensibilities are offended at the thought of gluing bricks together, this really is not the set for you. Luckily, as a display-only model, you won’t be likely to want to modify or take apart and rebuild the star destroyer. Placing the wings into position, we now move onto the flight deck and above. Here as well, the focus of the model is on exterior detail, with only a skeleton beneath for support. Everything fit together nicely and snapped together firmly, even the large stack of blue and grey plates that make up the centre support (see below). Even so, they all nestle into each other firmly, so that nothing moves around when the ship is picked up and carried. There are quite a bit of unusual building techniques in the later steps, because of the angles at which parts must meet other parts. If one were looking closely, they’d be able to tell this is a replica. But odds are, no one will notice and/or care. The bigger challenge is going to be where to display this thing!All throughout this set, the pieces have been high quality. The only decal to place is the large plaque: it can be a bit tricky, because it is so large. Your support is appreciated and helps us to keep providing thorough reviews and photos of brick sets. All block sets reviewed have been purchased. It comes with a display stand and collectors card.

I highly recommend this set for the serious collector.

# Lepin Imperial Star Destroyer Ucs Lego Review

16 LEPIN 05027 Imperial Star Destroyer UCS LEGO 10030 review.

This model is a little bit shaky, so if you have kids or pets, keep it out of their reach, or it will fall apart.

I recommend this model for adults only or you are just throwing your money away. The magnets are an interesting way to hold the completed model together.

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