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Lego 05028

With over 3000 pieces to build, the end result was aching fingers tip. A word of advice, don’t buy this set if you have limited space. There are few missing pieces (yet again). Now your visitors know you are displaying bootleg.The set used lots of similar bricks so sorting parts were easier. If you would rather we hadn’t published it, or are easily offended, please skip to the next article. Clones of discontinued sets can seem particularly attractive, as the price differences are even greater. It was literally bulging under the strain of having so many parts crammed into it, and the ring-bound instruction manual was folded in half and placed on top. Lepin’s recessed studs is not always consistent. This is demonstrated in the two light grey parts below.

I can only assume this has been caused by grease or other muck in the injection moulds, as it only appeared to affect certain parts, such as the large 8×16 plates. Judicial use of a fingernail solved the problem, but it would be nice not to have to carefully examine each part before fitting it to the model. They literally fall off when you turn the model upside down and shake it a bit. They can be inserted and removed many times without suffering any noticeable damage. On the other hand, the long red pegs are slightly problematic, as they are slightly too flared at the end, which makes them hard to insert. It is noticeably warped, which is why it was difficult to mount it atop another plate. When a part is not completely formed like the one above, it can result in poorer clutch power, besides looking ugly. These pins push the solidified part off of the mould when the mould is opened up, but if the pins do not sit flush with the base of the mould while the part is solidifying, then the pins themselves will affect the shape of the part (note that pins are usually round, but on the above element they are rectangular). If the pins poke out too far when the mould closes, then the resultant parts will exhibit shallow holes where the ejector pins were – these are known as witness marks. Witness marks are not a problem – they are usually sited where you won’t notice them, such as along the bottom edges of a part; but problems can occur if an ejector pin does not poke far enough into the mould (or if the pin’s end surface is not flush) while the plastic cools. This will cause protrusions in the resultant part, most likely underneath it, which means it cannot be attached to other parts without cutting off the excess plastic. These also had to be trimmed off so that the parts could fit properly. However, this was not so much of a problem, as there were no orange parts in the set. There are more than you need, so you end up with several bonus weapons. Notice the witness marks on both the runner frame and the weapons themselves. The whole runner frame must then be allowed to cool into a solid before the mould can be opened and the frame is then ejected. Each mould is capable of producing several parts in one go, but without forming a solid runner. Molten plastic is fed through a sprue into a hot runner, which is essentially a runner frame that is never allowed to cool into a solid. Each time the mould closes, plastic is injected directly from several gates that are fed by the hot runner. The only material output in a hot runner system is the parts themselves, as the runner frame stays molten, inside the machine. Although a solid runner could obviously be melted down and reused, a hot runner system also eliminates having to remove the parts from the runner frame after it has been moulded. Lepin has done a good job with its colours, though. A plastic brick construction set should not require a sharp knife to complete. The experience of building a set is just as important as the final result, and various issues meant the experience was not particularly fun in this case.

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But minifigures are more likely to be bought sometime. Even with some damaged parts, it remains a good opportunity. There are very few of us who are perfectionists and go for real thing. Your curiosity should have been left between your four walls. Please don’t do this in the future anymore. God knows what foulness is lurking in those bags. Any parent buying this garbage for their kids needs their head examined. And it just shows me why i only buy the original stuff. Some sort of robot that could fire a propellor-disc and transformed into a ball.

I threw it away after a couple of days because it felt very greasy and it stank of chemicals.

I certainly understand why the inferior quality sets are bought.

Lego 05028

I was wondering why the nephews were so happy to see me. Sorting the parts was easy and mould problems in my case was minimum.

I always tried to favour brands selling original sets. Going to rinse out my eyes with real bricks now. Even if flawed or missing parts ended up being rare with a knock-off, the constant anticipation of another little problem would suck all the fun out of the build. Interested in the set generally as a display piece, £90 seems a lot still though, might have paid £50. In fact, previous acts of curiosity could have provided said cat with numerous insights and experiences that actually prolonged its life. Additionally, suggesting that curiosity was the culprit – the instrument by which the cat lost its life – is simply incorrect; perhaps there is a basis for postulating a correlation between a cat’s curiosity and its death, but there is absolutely no basis for implying causation.

Buy Lego 10221 and Get Free Shipping On AliExpress

Yes, we are now more aware of the inexpensive alternative, but simultaneously, we are now far more aware of the underlying symptoms that adversely mitigate those lower prices. As has been pointed out by everyone, that is stealing, but it’s also completely uninspired and malicious. That’s a shame for all fans of the original intellectual property who want to see more of those films. Lepin doesn’t think “only the best is good enough”.

I feel that they simply shouldn’t be made in the first place. This is shameless, obvious theft with no effort to do anything original, and the reduced price has its own consequences. What if a set includes a rare/hard-to-replace piece which is warped?

There are managers, executives in lower income countries that earn less than the people washing dishes at restaurants in higher income countries, so imagine that!

Doubling production costs to then try and undercut your own market does not make economic sense.

I will never buy anything from them in my lifetime just out of principle, but i dont think our dear government really cares.

I can show you injection point in any lego piece you have.This is really well written and pleasingly objective, complimenting where it’s due and finding fault when appropriate. Expect about 1 part per thousand to be badly moulded/missing and the quality of minifigures to be noticably lower sometimes. Also the radar dish was 8×8 studs instead of 10×10. What is legal and what is moral is always an interesting question. This is a good reference tool for people who are genuinely curious about how they stack up to the real thing. If your typical customer wants one of these sets and sees a clone that looks almost as good for a fraction of the price there is sure to be some hesitation before spending exorbitant amounts of money on the real thing.

Speed Build Lepin Ucs Super Star Destroyer Lego Knockoff

Speed build LEPIN 05028 UCS Super Star Destroyer LEGO Knockoff 10221.

Maybe even paint some parts to show weathering, etc. It’d be interesting to see if more brands get reviewed. This little shop seemed to have every fake brand of building block knockoffs available. Thankfully my 8yr old knows the quality in these sets is utter trash so we exited without any drama. These protections will eventually time out too, but in the meantime there will be new sets with new bricks. Lego list the parts needed for every model in the instructions. Absent action, they are giving tacit approval. Respect also to the author for approaching this as a somewhat fair and very thorough evaluation and not a smear piece. That may not be what many of us would consider a desirable outcome, but ultimately it’s up to consumers to make their own choices for their own reasons. Besides shipping the reason is marked as counterfeit goods of commercial character, unlike a sealed box with graphics matching official product a pile of bricks in a carton box is not so easily stopped. Few % to the guys fighting for sales on wholesale portals and those pay also for commission to the portal. It wouldn’t fly on other fan sites of counterfeited items, not sure why you thought it would here.

I never would have known about the minifigures needing extra assembling or spare weapons.Lepin or any other clone brand anytime soon.

I wouldn’t have started with a large set as this one though. It’s certainly helped me appreciate the extra value behind the official sets and parts. Not many manufacturers ship missing or broken parts for free. Not many companies sell parts today that are 100% compatible with those manufactured in the 1960s.

You can tell the fake minifigs because they are more brittle and shiny. The brick flaws you highlighted show that 95% or 98% is not high enough. Lepin had improved a lot and newer release included numbered bags. The law suit had done nothing to deter them from investing in new facilities. Is it truly ‘apples to apples’ or something else?

No matter how nicely this particular review is composed and written.

I just find the choice of doing a review of a pirated, stolen thing alongside with originals quite unfortunate. Will consider removing myself from this site. Lepin route seems mostly incompatible with either of those two (not to mention the moral issues, etc etc).

I think it is important to recognize what else is out there in this brand space — it’s good journalistic reporting. Lepin set, but it’s still interesting to see a review about it. These could be done w/a devoted set # listing on an annual or semi-annual basis. And they feel in a particular way (like smooth for example). There is something about having the real thing that a fake just can’t recreate for my personal satisfaction.

I really appreciated the technical information provided. Well written article as well with a balanced review.

I sincerely hope these products are at least safe.

I actually like the wild west of parts in wrong bags, extra stuff left over, directions that make no sense. Lego instructions these days piss me off with their numbered bags and 5x more steps than needed. It feels like there’s a kind of brand snobbery with some people that renders debate of legitimate competition impossible.

I think no decent person should care about things that is basically stealing. Lego, besides bragging rights i guess, has nothing to gain now from the 2ndary market.

I was impressed by the box and instructions.

I am not any proud of lepin and other brick brands like lepin, and trust me, all chinese lego fans hate lepin either, just as you do. This is misleading as the image is taken from lego.

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