LEGO 05077: Lepin Star Wars UCS Rupblic Destroyer

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Lego 05077

And, as most of our sellers offer free shipping – we think you’ll agree that you’re getting this lego 05077 at one of the best prices online. Lift rear wings to reveal hidden gunnar and storage area for extra bombs and missiles. The majority of the pieces come in shades of gray, so approaching construction requires a bit or organization and discipline. But once building is started, detailed step-by-step illustrations make assembly straightforward.They also appreciated that the storyline is simple enough to make the set entertaining, whether or not your child has seen the film. He absolutely freaked when he opened and was shaking with excitement. He took it with him everywhere for the first few days, without breaking. Since it has broke, my son has already used many of the parts to create new ships and such. It maybe took him five hours to build (because he would start play with what he had just put together before going on to the next page.). He had a great time building it and loves to play with it.

Huge Lepin Ucs Venator Star Destroyer!

Props to the original designer of this set. If it dies and I have to rebuild it, I’m going to use his instructions rather than the Lepin …

No sooner had they finished it and were triumphantly carrying it down to show to mom and dad, than the thing began to fall apart. Back to the review of this product, my son had no help from me or his dad or anyone else for that matter, he did this all on his own. It was also a little pricey, but we got it for him anyway. As you can see, this is a 10 ft dining room table. Clocking in at over 130 individual bags, it took over 2 hours just to open everything up and try to get some semblance of order. With everything sorted it was time to dive into the massive manual. The core of the ship went together like any other regular star wars ship, it is really well built and solid, and it would have to be as the ship itself is over 20lbs, so a good strong base is a must. First and foremost is the entire bottom of the ship. Lepin left out how any of this was to be connected, the main under plate just hangs off the ship and rests on the surface it is on. It is suppose to be attached to the plate above it. So after an hour or so of messing around, and multiple curses later, the issues was fixed. Next up, and the most atrocious of the entire build is the 4 massive panels on the ship. Now they assembled just fine, but installation is completely impossible by the book.

I had to heavily rework the interior system to fix this, and there was no way it could be done without krazy glue. Magnet elements 100% need to be glued to work. It took me almost 4 hours and constant frustration with pieces falling off to fix this. There is little worse than getting to the last mile in a set, and the finish is so terrible it negates all the good thoughts you have about a set. One last thing, this is the pile of spare bits that were left, quite a bit considering a lot of folks claim they have no spares and are missing parts.

Lego Moc Star Wars Ucs Venator Star Destroyer Pcs!!!

Lego Speed Build

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