LEGO 05132

Bricks were sturdy, felt solid, and had no oily residue. One did not have a hole punched through and the other did, but was cracked because of it.

Bars to be split apart slightly because the clips are too large. The trans blue hoses for the engines vary slightly in length and may cause issues, though they are adjustable. Each one also contains a black pin, which may be a bit unsightly to some. Size tolerances are just a bit off for the top turret assembly.Luckily this didn’t hinder the build at all. You’ll always notice it, but others probably wouldn’t. The plastic window piece seems to be just slightly too big, causing the red 3×1 slopes to not properly connect. Did you check if the big arches where the window inserts (the ones with the red triangle stickers) have a small piece in the middle on the inside?

I cut that small piece out the window would fit in properly. The arches should be completely hollow from side to side without any bits in the middle (probably a shitty mold.

Lego #75192 Vs Lepin 05132 Ucs Millennium Falcon Part Four

Part four of a four part series comparing the Lego and the Lepin versions of the UCS Millennium Falcon. Placards will only be …

These two black 2×12 plates that hold the front mandibles steady absolutely would not connect. Lepin part is correct but it just has a leftover in the middle from the mold that is in the way. Using the correct arches means everything fits correctly without the need to modify anything. There is a stop at the back of the window to stop it opening inwards, if the windows was supposed to held in place why would that stop be necessary?

There’s plenty of them across the whole build, so just try different ones (even try rotating it 180 degrees), eventually you should be able to find a pair that holds just fine. Look at the wiki before posting questions. Lepin managed to release this set a month after the launch of the original. Rumor had that would be a display stand but that had been debunked after we finished building the set without the stand. Lepin increase the parts count by using small parts for some of the steps. Please support the original whenever you could. Though you may negotiate with the sellers to include the box but that would increase the shipping cost. Lepin had up the game in their minifigures offering. However the bag number 6 and 9 were confusing as there is no indication on which number is which. Still, this is s a clone and the original is available for sale.

I just count bricks, no stickers and no minifigs. My belief is that 8445 is just misprint from the start and everybody just use it. After the build is complete i’m left with 156 spare bricks. There was around 150 bags, and 15 different groups. Sorting was made easy by numbering grocery bags and putting all the numbered segments into them, took about an hour and a half to organize, but made things much smoother later on. One of the main differences this time around though is they made a few areas of the ship we saw in the movie, recreated in meticulous detail. Still not perfect, but better than it was out of the box. Now that the core of the ship is finished, you can start to see the immense size of the set. At over 3 ft long, you best have room to accommodate this beast. A little glue fixed this right up and kept them laying flat as intended.

All in all it took me about 20 hours spread over 3 days to put this beat together, but the finished product is well worth it.

Lepin Ucs Millennium Falcon Review

Here is my review of the Lepin Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon 05132 set.

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