LEGO 1 Year Old: Amazon Lego DUPLO First Toys Games

Stacking the connecting blocks to create castles and towers requires kids to use their imaginations, practice dexterity and problem solve. But those tiny pieces are simply too difficult for small children to push together and pull apart.

Let your little one tackle roles as architect and builder with these safe, tabletop construction projects. The wagon base with turning wheels lets your child build a car, train, tractor or whatever kind of vehicle they can imagine. Two window pieces and loads of other bricks can be used to create various structures. Build the locomotive together and point out the colorful numbers on each of the bricks.Line the numbered bricks in order to create three connecting train wagons that go from numbers one to nine. Your little one will love showing off their counting skills. Duplo set has all the pieces to make a construction zone, complete with a bulldozer, supply truck and crane your child can put together. The bulldozer pushes debris out of the way, while the supply truck’s bed actually tips back. The crane has a working claw and movable arm, too. Your child can pretend the included construction workers with hard hats are scooping up bricks with it.

How A 1 Year Old Plays With Big Legos Lego Duplo Mega Blocks

Can a 1 year old play with Legos?

Of course!

How does a 1 year old play with Legos?

By throwing them around!

Even if younger …

Adding to the imaginary scene are bricks decorated like truck controls and a lunchbox, as well as a plastic jackhammer, traffic cones and a wheelbarrow. It centers around the barn they’ll build that has doors and windows that open and a feeding trough. The sheep, cow and chicken figures can be attached to corresponding bricks with illustrations of the products we get from those animals. Go over animal sounds with your child and use the people figurines to show how we gently touch animals. Your kiddo will enjoy roleplaying the pilot in the cockpit, the passenger dropping off luggage and sitting on the plane or the worker in the air control tower. Accessories like suitcases make it seem more real.

You can even use play time to talk about what makes air travel special and what to expect during a trip. It’s no wonder kids love exploring real-life fire trucks, donning pretend fire gear and acting out saving the day. If they use the opening window that comes with the kit, you can take that opportunity to talk about the different ways to escape a fire. An ideal introduction to early building skills. Teach your toddler about their day as they play out daily life at home. The special decorated bricks showing key parts of the daily routine provide talking points for you and your toddler so you can teach them about their day. The turnable night/day brick helps set the scene for learning and role play. It’s got 25 pieces but some of them are window panes so not really a “piece” per say to build with. My son played with that slide for 30 minutes!

We have fun building a tall tower with the slide at the top and letting the people shoot off the end. The 4 colorful door pieces are great as well. This is really just a fun combination of things. Definitely a great purchase and my sons favorite 2nd birthday gift.

I knew he would enjoy a proper “house” set.

I feel it was a great value for the price. The 2 year old does take it out and pretend play for a brief time by herself. She likes to stack and unstack the pieces. The 18 month old is interested in adult led play at this time.

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He definitely will grow into self directed play in a short time. There are many ways you can put the pieces together besides the picture on the box. There are many learning opportunities with this set as to in-out, up-down, in addition to all the graphics on the pieces themselves. My 2 1/2 year old just started getting into blocks. He absolutely loved this playset because of the pretend house aspect. The set itself has lots of entertainment. .

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