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It offers the most enduring toys that help your little youngling reach their full development potential physically, emotionally and socially. Lego offers great toys, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Here are some of our top picks to help you get started.

You won’t be disappointed with the 4 miniature dolls with names included to enjoy a fun day at the amusement park alongside a best friend. Seat four of the friends on virtually any ride at the same time. Straight out of the box and quite easy to put together.Store your kit away in a sturdy box that it comes with to pull out with your own friends. Kids love to build this kit with friends or siblings that way each kid can play a doll. These women are a wonderful example of role models for any young girls interested in the math and science fields. And in a field so traditionally dominated by male representation, it’s cool for little girls to see future versions of themselves up there making magic as well. Your child can create and recreate the house so the rooms can be in any order. The 228-piece set is a collection of 24 mini-models to give your little girl something to build – rather than your usual brick or two.

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It’s this priceless moment that you know you made the right choice. Girls will have hours of playtime fun with this bright and beautiful set. Her adventure to save her people gets you to the edge of the seat no matter how many times you watch the movie. Her accomplices are hilarious and the music sticks in your head.

We are sure you will have a lot of fun building this set with your child. To get even more advanced features, connect your robot to your pc or mac. Your little girl can play with a different robot every day, which will keep them pretty occupied and having loads of fun. It has super cool features such as talking, walking and thinking. Also, we love that girls can build not just one robot, but five which can only mean more fun and more exploring. This is an amazing set to spark imagination and is a great way to introduce girls to programming while having fun. This 473-piece building set also includes a row boat, a pier, a secret room, and ice cream shop accessories and furniture. It even comes with a seal perched atop a rock. The seal is cute and can play with the girls or sit on his rock to say hi. There are plenty of accessories with this set, including the row boat, different ice cream flavors, a camera and some binoculars. This is where their creativity and imagination will come into play. The set includes two puppies, with an obstacle course and turning roundabout for puppy training in the park. Toffee are growing pups and need their nutrition. The set is 286 pieces in total and best suited for girls between the ages of 6 and 12 years old. Promote fine motor skills by helping little ones construct the puppy palace, engage their creativity through imaginative play, and use the opportunity to discuss the important responsibilities of taking care of a pet. There’s even a dog park with toys, rewards, and an obstacle course. The set can be reconfigured to form a royal garden or even a royal bedchamber. This a magical world where anything can happen. Excellent for developing divergent problem solving skills at such a young age. An ice cream stand provides cool relief when she gets hungry in the middle of the warm summer day.

lego amazon page found lego dangerous dinosau

And a photobooth sells pictures of her enjoying her day in the park. Kids will love the ability to make the ship fly faster and higher. Connect it to the roller coaster set to expand your park and the adventures within. They have lots of hungry customers, so plop one of them on their scooter and send them out with the deliveries. This set includes 289 pieces and is most suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 12. Work together with the two figures included to bond over a worldwide staple: piping hot pizza. It has excellent attention to detail and adds cool accessories that will keep them excited all day long. This summer pool features a wavy slide leading into the swimming pool, a diving board, and a rubber ring. A swim-up bar, daybed, hot tub and a changing room adds a cool touch to the set. Whether you are preparing your family for a vacation, remembering fun times or merely teaching them something new, this set is a great way to make sure that they remember important and fun details. The set comes with 2 baseplates in different size.

Lego 10

Creating a masterpiece will only be limited by your kid’s imagination. This set may only have 143 pieces but it does build one majestic-looking palace complete with a fountain and a market stall. The 306-piece set comes complete with all the necessary detailed instructions in how to turn the pony farm into a picnic scene complete with a table, bench, and tree. Or even a house complete with a fireplace and a garden. The horse has moving parts so that he can stand, run, rear up, or kick. She can then disassemble it and create her very own type of animal. It’s all a matter of interchanging the blocks to create another specie. Your kid can host a barbecue in the backyard or take a car out for a spin.

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Your little princess can have her min-figure rest in the armchair, eat eggs and milk on the table and tuck her into bed at night. This family house also comes with a functioning light brick that your child can switch on by pushing down the house chimney. This is a great way to develop their motor skills, improve puzzle solving skills and enhance their creativity.

We like that the packaging is elegant and that all pieces come included.

We also had to rely on customer reviews and feedbacks as one of the bases for our choice. Ultimately, we had to carefully consider its appeal to young girls as they will be the ones who will be playing with it. Children change year by year in their ability to move in a coordinated manner, manipulate small objects with their fingers, and coordinate their movement with their eyes. Kids also learn how to play nice with family members and other kids in their age group, or not. Learning how to think, cognition is the reason we send our little ones off to school, but they start learning how to view their world and how to figure things out at a much earlier age. Babies just start learning about their senses and how they perceive the world around them, but even then, they figure out that if they cry, they get what they need. As children grow older, they start to solve much more complex life problems and develop creativity.They are learning how to view the world, themselves as individuals, and their relationships with others. Girls and boys start learning math skills by learning how old they are and counting on their fingers. As they grow and their brains develop, they begin to think spatially, add and subtract, and learn how thoughts like numbers relate to the real world. In the very young years, say ages 1-5 , kids are sponges. They engage in play like we adults engage in work.

We could just let them free play all of the time, which is fun and enhances creativity, but we would be missing some great opportunities for learning.

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Kids can just think of ideas for constructing anything they want and are able to come up with very imaginative ideas . It gives her the experience of building without having to be creative, but to be able to problem solve. Just withhold the instructions and tell them to go for it. Young children are naturally better at creative thinking than older kids or adults. As adults, many of us have to retrain ourselves to be creative. Girls get toys like kitchen utensils , pots and pans, hair bows, and homemaking tools. Boys get ‘boy stuff’ like horses, boats, and bow and arrow sets. Soon, people realized that girls like to build things too. Can they brush their hair, take a nap, feed the dog, or cook a meal?

Boys, on the other hand, like to play combat games or ride their horses, play sports games. They look for the cows and horses or the basketball court. Boys ram each other with cars , girls are more careful when they play. There are many boys and girls, though, that play with any set they can get their little hands on.We base our recommendations on these principles. And, the blocks are so much fun that kids just lose themselves in what they are doing. It’s also a wonderful outlet for grown-ups and adults as well to remain as creative and imaginative as they possibly can. Lego and its iconic bricks have been instrumental in the development of many a child’s creativity and imagination. Of particular importance is the development of divergent problem-solving skills where children are able to think of as many creative ways to solve a particular problem. But to a divergent thinker, there can be more than 101 ways this milk bottle can be transformed into other uses. Such is the power of divergent thinking that children who are exposed to learning and playing with construction and building toys have been known to be more divergent thinkers – creative thinkers – by the time they are adults. This helps encourage social interaction and help in the development of kids’ language and communication skills. They learn to interact with other children their age and use this interaction to hone their own communication skills. More importantly, however, is the fact that the interaction can ultimately lead to healthier social relationships such as the establishment of childhood friendships. This, in turn, can make the child feel a lot happier, a lot better about herself. The brain has to command these muscles to exert just enough pressure on the brick so that it won’t fall from the rest of the bricks. It should also not be so tight that it already causes pain on the young child’s fingers. All of these physiologic processes occur in a fraction of a second. Unfortunately, we don’t really care much about how the brain controls the different movements of the body. The brain must also be able to make accurate assessments of the spaces between and among bricks and building pieces so that the different muscle groups can be directed to interlock a brick to the rest of the building model. This is why they call it psychomotor development. Lego has been around for almost 70 years. It has provided children of all ages the tools with which their psychomotor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills can be developed to their optimum. Building with blocks and bricks is developmentally beneficial for both boys and girls. Many girls enjoy building in its own right. Your daughter can have a ball telling stories, learning about the world around her, and growing as a person.

You can be her best cheerleader when she finishes what she is building, improving her confidence. Plus, construction bricks can help her with fine motor skills. Yes, all of the sets come with a colorful booklet with instructions and building ideas. Classic style sets are not safe for toddlers 3 and under because of the small pieces. In an effort to be eco-friendly and save on your cost, we sometimes recycle plastic pieces from other batches into new batches. Younger kids often build their own object while sitting together. Your child can build huge skyscrapers or build out a cozy environment by combining sets. Are the mini-figures interchangeable for the regular sets?

Yes, the mini-figures will work with all of the basic sets. Your daughter can have loads of fun playing with all of the little dolls from the sets together. They can make friends and have tea parties or even become the builders of the buildings. My set came with an orange wedge-shaped piece.

You are probably talking about the brick separator. Sometimes bricks are hard to take apart, especially if they are small. Not all of the sets are equipped with the separators. Most of the sets with storage boxes have them. This orange tool works with all of the bricks. Take your experience to another level with advanced coding. Ask your parents’ permission before going online. Each robot has one extra section, dedicated to games and play – ready to give it a try?

Who will be the one that will topple the tray?

Our team will review it and, if necessary, take action.

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