LEGO 10001 Train Metroliner Pcs Building Electric System

The train light shines while the train is in motion. The first version (4558) came out in 1991 and the second (10001) in 2001.

Lego 10001

Extra track and spare motors have become increasingly rare and more expensive with time. Also, building it has the satisfaction of also playing with it. Buy lego train 10001/4558 passenger car, modell 1, very rare !

Lego Metroliner 10001/4558

Here she is the Metroliner fresh out of it’s box. A fantastic set but did not have a speed controller. Might build the other train soon if …

lego image train metroliner lego metroliner image

Lego Metroliner

Building Lego 10001 Metroliner. 1991-2001-2011.

lego image train metroliner lego metroliner image  1

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