LEGO 10143 Wars Death Star

All pieces in original bags (outer box never opened), instructions included (outer box never opened.). The pieces don’t fit together as smoothly as the “name brand” product–the rods especially can be difficult to fit into the blocks with holes through them.

These inconveniences are well worth the price considering this product is hundreds of dollars less expensive than name-brand. Robert rates this set 5 of 5 stars .my opinion is the lego star wars death star is the best of all setups. The super laser is also included, made with transparent colored pieces. This model includes its own display stand, perfect for placing on a computer desk.It holds together well without having to reinforce with glue like the other larger kits do. The bags aren’t numbered or labeled with any sort of key. Nerf darts before it’s back to square one. This set took me four days and probably a total of 24 hours. The set is fun and educational but its not that durable and hard to move around. It was really easy to put together and had a fun few days with it.

When it’s hard to tell the difference between a dark gray piece or a black piece, improvement needs to be made in the printing of these manuals. One piece in particular was even listed as the wrong color.

lego image wars death star lego

I was fortunate enough to get one of the BEST LEGO DEALS EVER!

The 10143 Death Star II is one of the most sought after LEGO

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