LEGO 10179 Parts List Millennium Falcon Instructions Star Wars Ultimate

Unfortunately, there seems to be no official picture for it yet. Yours is the voice we’ve been missing in this question so far, someone who has put the set together.

The total number of pieces comes out to be exactly 5200. If you subtract 5 for the 4211642 pieces that are listed but apparently not included or used, that leaves 5195 pieces, the official piece count for the set. So, my guess is that the 4211642 pieces are not supposed to be in the set. That print appear on my directions too, therefor is a simple print mistake.Browse other questions tagged part-identification or ask your own question . Where does this green plane fuselage piece come from?

What is this piece and what is its number?

What´s this weird blue 8-long thin hinge piece?

Curved piece seems incredibly useful… what is it?

Could people of the 14th century create an inline engine for use in aircraft and vehicles?

Custom Lego Ucs Millennium Falcon

Custom LEGO 10179 UCS Millennium Falcon Build Video 5195 pieces Part List and Decal Downloads: …

lego parts list millennium fcustom lego ucs millen

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