LEGO 10182 Parts List Cafe Corner Inventory

Introduced in 2007, this sub-theme consists of large, detailed buildings targeted at adult collectors. So, why not just make one out of the parts that your kid keeps leaving on the floor of the living room?

Lego 10182 Parts List

The biggest problem are the parts involved. In a lot of cases, you’re going to need far more of certain pieces than you are likely to have on hand. In other cases the parts involved are either unique to this set or in so few sets that the odds of you happening to have one are rare. If you were to buy a set used, you probably know what to look for there, but we’ll take a look at some of those things so that people can be aware of what might have been substituted if the dealer is shady.Of those 2056 parts, the number of different element/color combinations is 259 including the 3 minifigures. These would be the fundamental building blocks what might say. Each of these pieces occurs 25 or more times. This article is in no way a comprehensive parts list for the set, it is an analysis of what makes this set unique.

We are using the basic element picture to represent the item from the set. Fortunately it’s a fairly common part appearing in 109 sets.

Lego Modulars Part 1 Green Grocer, Market Street, Cafe Corner The Classics

This review compares the first 3 Lego Modular buildings, Cafe Corner(10182), Market Street (10190), and Green Grocer (10185).

This piece appears 45 times in this set in dark bluish gray. Continuing the theme, you need 44 dark bluish gray 1×1 tiles with groove, element 3070b. A brick (break) from the pattern is 39 dark blue 1×2 brick element 3004. None of the other sets that contain this part have anywhere near the quantity that this set does.

I will be excluding the duplicate listing to avoid confusion. How could you ever make something of any size with those. Well, here’s something substantial, 29 light bluish gray 1×8 brick element 3008. This piece is super common, appearing in 1126 sets.

You will also need 25 reddish brown round brick 1×1, open stud element 3062b .

You need 25 each medium blue and dark bluish gray brick 1×2 element 3004 .

I am going to list these from most expensive to least expensive. Not every rare or unique part is expensive and not every expensive part is rare or unique. There are 5 white 2x4x3 window frames in this set.

I never thought that the light bluish gray trash can with 2 cover holders was a hard to find piece. It seems like element 2439 usually appears in dark gray or dark bluish gray.

You need 2 green 16×32 baseplate element 3857. The white lamp post elment 2039 (2x2x7 with 6 base flutes) has appeared in every modular set. Be careful with element 2546 dark bluish gray bird. It lists the more common 3747b as an alternate while rebrickable only lists 3747b. The more common piece appears in 16 sets.

I wonder if only early issued sets had the a variant. All of them are fairly plain, ordinary, nondescript figures using fairly common parts for the most part. Building one for yourself out of parts that you acquire may be more satisfying eventually, but may require far more orders and therefor more shipping than you want to deal with. It is possible that at some point one of the rare parts will be released in a new set, knocking the price down for a time.

Hopefully having this list will help you to keep an eye out for the key pieces if they ever do show up in a new set. Modular collectors who are just getting into the game will be behind the eight ball if they want to catch up. So, if you can restore one of these sets from various sources for cheap enough, you may come out ahead if you tire of it for your own collection. The light bluish grey door is in krusty krab 3825. Good to know that it does sometimes work out for people to go that route. It’s hard to figure out where to make the cutoff.

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