LEGO 10186 General Grievous

It looks so cool and impresses every one of my friends. Unlike the other figures, it is poseable due to being constructed out of more than basic bricks.

Lego 10186 General Grievous

The main model is constructed on top of a square base with a name plate. The feet are loosely connected to the base but they are not sturdily built and tend to fall apart. The knees and hips are hinged, allowing for angling of the upper legs and torso. On top of the torso is the head, which has some range of motion.The arms, of which there are four, lack hinges but can be moved around – the arms’ sockets allow for the arms to be rotated in an awkward manner, and the hands can be rotated in the same way. The hands grip them rather loosely and they fall out. In addition to that, the weight of the lightsabers causes the arms to tilt downwards over time. Includes translucent “light saber” elements!

Model features poseable neck, arms and hips!

Lego Ucs 10186 General Grievous 300 000 Subscribers Special Lego Speed Build

Lego Star Wars Ucs General Grievous And Wanted List Update

Finished building the LEGO Star Wars 10186 UCS General Grievous. Was missing a few pieces which I had in my store. However …

lego image general grievous lego ucs image general 1

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