LEGO 10188 Original Price: Death Star

This product is 41 cm high and 42 cm wide. The set is built around a circular base made up of a triple layer of angular plates, and the lowest level is directly on top of this.

Lego 10188 Original Price

One feature of this level include some barrels, many smaller cans, and a pipe. There are two wall pieces with a special sticker on each. The walls around the centre each have a pair of lights and buttons on each side. The second bag is opened on the second level, after the floor for it has been built.There is an with red lights, a rack of blasters, and an entrance to the turbolift, a mechanism similar to an elevator which connects all of the set’s levels. In the landing area there is a pair of grey and blue barrels, most likely containing fuel. The exit to this area has a yellow and black “caution symbol” part. On the wall which separates the elevator section from the rest of the floor is a pulley. This section has walls between rooms, unlike the section below it. Again, the shaft has buttons and lights adjacent to it.

Older Lego Star Wars 10188 Death Star Reviewed!

3800+ Pieces, 11+ Lbs.!

It has multiple entrance and exit spots, each with lights on either side. On one of them is a large cone with transparent green parts at the top which prevents the door of the trash compactor from sliding out of the set. There are many handle “grip” parts but only one ladder. The entrance and exit to the trash compactor is the turbolift shaft. On the top of the shaft on that level is a set of red lights. The wall cutting the trash compactor from the shaft is placed on a flat surface so that it can slide out. There are pieces of trash that are placed in this section as well. This part can rotate and angle up and down. The laser is piloted by one minifigure, but has another seat. There is also yellow claw which is also piloted by one minifigure. The area right next to it has a set of barrels and a tube. There is also a ladder leading up to a control area with some computer screens, and a gear which turns a device. This room also contains the hyper-laser with the control panel array, which can rotate and angle. The room is connected to the next room by a doorway with lights on either side. There is also a hole which drops to the trash compactor and some small steps. The last fourth of this level has a part which stops minifigures from falling over the edge of the area. A set of openings into the tall room are covered by some “robot arm” parts. The room has a stairway leading up to a viewing area. This place has a chair which can rotate, and a pair of transparent blue lights. The room’s only doorway is covered by a large panel with a sticker which represents a long hallway. That doorway in turn is in its own small section. The area has a gear which turns to open the a hole to the trash compactor room covered by a vent. There are two control panels in the area controlling this and the gateway. There is a wall on the other side which can be raised by the turn of another gear.

LEGO 10188 1

A control panel is right next to this piece. Next to it is the superlaser control room. One of them rotates and raises/lowers the superlaser. On its other side is a pair of large turbolaser cannons, which both rotate. The central shaft contains the turbolift, which connects all of the station’s floors. This set has the most minifigures released in one non-minifigure generic set ever with a total of 24. Most of the figures in the set have been updated since it’s release. How many of the parts are unique in the build also?

Investing is about having something that not many people have, but a lot of people want. Which could be good news for the people who missed out or never got around to buying one. Since basically all of the figures have been remade, it doesn’t add any uniqueness to appeal to the masses.

Lego 10188 Original Price

There will always be new buyers that missed out on a retired set, so a modest bump in price might be acceptable to them. Only reason to get an extra one now would be so you could give it to your kid when they get old enough.

I can imagine quite a few investors have already gotten them with the belief that the set would retire so there are probably loads of them out there. Returns on this set, as many before me have mentioned, will take a long time to be substantial. Moreover the box is quite huge thus taking up space.

You probably need to bubble wrap it and if possible “bullet proof” it within another box. Postage would be costly and i don’t think the box will reach to buyer in good state. Though one may also argue that this isn’t a big issue, since the tendency for most “rich” buyers, would be that they are driving in some form of transport, but not forgetting this would mean that you need to arrange for pick up.

10188 Death Star

If you already own 1 set and is having second doubts to purchase another for investment, maybe you can try to convince yourself not to be stuck in the dilemma. For you may be holding on to a spare set, but facing a hard time selling it off within your “expected” price in due time.

I have space constraint and at the moment i’m trying to restrict myself to smaller modular (though they are quite large as well), and minifigures.

We pride ourselves on a quick response, usually within a couple of hours. The item pictured, is the ones you shall receive. There are currently 146 active users on the site right now!

The set contains 1248 pieces and features curved staircases and interchangeable floors. It was produced in 2008 and contains the incredible amount of 5, 922 bricks, with a retail price of just above €250,-. This is usually an indication that very little stock is left, and you need to call in to check if you could still place an order. Usually sets that are shown as sold out will not be restocked. There is also a huge number of minifigs with this set.Again, if this set was on your wanted list, please don’t delay. Yes, that probably has to do with the size. This one was a great combination of playability and displayability. There are some rumors we may get an updated version at some point. This set is completely disassembled and all the parts have been counted and checked all the mini figures are present and the parts have been sorted and separated. Box and instructions in excellent condition.

Wear on the box itself, and has “420” written on it. Never been played with, only built and stored for display, had been recently cleaned and is in fantastic condition. The product will be packed very carefully for delivery. Also, the hidden floor compartment and escape pod hatches are details not forgotten.

I beginning to have a really bad feeling about all this?

It looks big here, but it’s actually tiny compared to the rest of the superstructure you go on to build on it. They’re filled with play features that might seem simple when built, but while you’re putting them together, it will make you feel like the greatest engineer on the planet. Even something as simple as a winch-operated lift. But it was these moments of cleverness, how the thing you had no idea what you were building was meant to be until finally slots into a larger whole, that made that time feel well spent. Aside from little brick-built bonuses like a mouse droid or the dianoga, it comes with 25 figures. He reads comics so you don’t have to—but sometimes you should anyway!

All pieces and minifigures in excellent condition. Pieces gathered and repackaged, numbered bag-by-bag.

lego original price death stolder lego star wars d 1

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