LEGO 10188 Review: Found

At 3803 pieces including 24 minifigures (some of them exclusive) this is a set that both adult and kids love – but be prepared to set aside some serious time for building. The model is viewable from 360 degrees, so you can play or display at all angles.

Lego 10188 Review

Some of the minifigures are exclusive but the main incentive for this set is the sheer number of figures and the fact that they make the set instantly playable and also a wonderful display piece. The instructions are excellent and my son’s attention to detail has improved alot.

We think it is worth the money if you can afford it and the current retail price will seem like a bargain in a year or so when it is peaking on the secondary market. The instruction manual is packed in one of these boxes and is wire bound, just like the instructions for 10188 .The sticker sheet is packed in a box with the instructions and is fairly large, containing a total of 31 stickers. As always, it would have been wonderful to see a full selection of printed pieces given the premium nature of the set but the stickers are all fairly easy to apply which is pleasing. The head, torso and legs have all been revised several times but the same hair piece has been used consistently until now. Han’s torso is printed with a black vest on the front and back and this dark colour contrasts nicely with the dark blue of his legs. Both characters are armed with a standard blaster. The torso is printed with a huge amount of detail despite the simplicity of the costume.

This is a brilliant accessory as it looks great while also including a nice play feature, a feat which the standard stud shooters do not achieve in my opinion. His domed head is decorated with dark blue panels and a pink processor state indicator while the body features accurate silver detailing on the front. It would have been nice to see some printing on the back for the first time but unfortunately it is left blank. The white head is printed with some scarring on the front and back as well as sunken eyes. This is not continued on the back but a soft fabric cape obscures the reverse side anyway.

I think it has been worth the wait as this is a marvellous figure.

I like the torso printing and the black officer’s cap, complete with printed code disc, matches the rest of his uniform very nicely. Each figure is armed with a force pike which features a black handle and grey shaft, just as we see in the movie. Their torsos are new and feature a silver belt over a black shirt while the heads are printed with a chinstrap as well as a smile on one side and a frown on the other. This strap lines up nicely with the detailed helmets and each minifigure is armed with a blaster pistol.

I will continue to describe the changes during the review. The bottom level is devoted to storage and is furnished primarily with stacks of 1×1 and 2×2 cylinders. The central turbolift is accessible from all four sides and the open area beneath the chasm features a black railing which is supported by three balusters. This is an improvement over the original set where only two balusters were used. However, the major issue with this section of the model remains. The entire floor is almost complete inaccessible and is just about useless for play as a result. The next floor consists of five rooms, the simplest of which represents the chasm. This attaches to a section of the ceiling at an appropriate height, allowing a couple of minifigures to escape their pursuers by swinging from one side of the room to the other.

I like the air intakes mounted on the roof and the lights which run for the full height of each wall look great. Four bridges are spread throughout the room and there is space to stand a couple of minifigures on each one. They are nicely decorated with 1×1 clips and three of the four ledges are accessible from the neighbouring rooms which is ideal for play. One of the ledges is connected to the tractor beam power coupling. A narrow walkway extends around the central column and levers are placed on all four sides, unlike on the original model where only three were included. This structure hardly resembles what we see in the film and it might have benefited from a couple of printed pieces or stickers to add some extra detail.

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However, the area incorporates one of my favourite play features in the entire set. Removing the lever at the front will cause the trans-light blue beam on top to vanish as it drops into the hollow centre of the terminal. The floor of the trash compactor is laden with discarded hoses and bars. One of these can be used to brace the walls of the compactor as they close but you can only stop them using the red button concealed below the ceiling. The walls are decorated with an effective combination of grey and brown pieces which recreate the filthy surfaces seen in the movie. The lights above the sliding door are also faithful to the source material and you can activate this door from beneath the tractor beam terminal in the neighbouring area. It leads directly into the elevator shaft so provides a perfect means of escape for any minifigures unlucky enough to find themselves trapped in the trash compactor. His tendrils are now formed using horns in reddish brown and the tan neck of the original monster has been swapped for a more appropriate dark brown shade. This works reasonably well but for the difficulty in accessing the bottom floor and you can fold the platform against the wall when it is not in use. There are seats for two minifigures and each one has a console for controlling the turbolaser. The angle of the barrel can be adjusted and the entire emplacement rotates on a turntable, yielding a reasonably broad range of motion.

Lego 10188 Review

Two extra missiles can be clipped to the wall, as shown below. The turbolift shaft can be accessed in the corner and there are ladders to climb onto the ledges which overlook the chasm. The cargo lift is controlled using a crank on the side of the model which allows it to travel between the maintenance area and the hangar bay. Unfortunately the lift platform sits far above the floor of this room and it is therefore quite difficult to load troops or cargo. Large gaps surround the lift platform when it reaches the upper level which is rather unsightly. Nevertheless, winding the crank to raise and lower the lift works very well and this is certainly a fun feature, even if it is not finished as well as it could be. The rest of the hangar bay is much more impressive. The floor is decorated with a white line around the lift and some white arrows which look splendid in contrast with the black floor.

Lego Death Star Review Set 10188

His arms must be angled carefully to ensure that they do not interfere with the canopy closing but it works quite nicely and he is not visible when the cockpit is closed anyway so you could leave him out if you wish. The colour scheme looks great and this model is far sturdier than the 2008 version but the hinge for the cockpit hatch is larger and looks a bit strange from the back. Perhaps a couple more dark bluish grey pieces could have been used on the wings or the present colour could have been swapped for a lighter shade to better match the source material. A small control room looks out over the hangar bay and is accessed via a ladder. Some printed consoles and buttons are arranged around the room along with a large dial which controls the sliding door underneath. The sliding door retracts completely into the wall along some smooth tiles, revealing a small step at the doorway. Slopes are used at the four corners of the door opening and these form at accurate shape in relation to the film. The controls are easy to reach and you can stand a couple of minifigures on the platform so they will move with the turning of the superlaser. The detention block is the most detailed area of the whole battle station and is packed with play features. Five consoles are arranged in a semicircle by the door and you can angle the blue camera to watch any part of the room. Bars allow you to see inside the prison cell and the door can be opened using a black dial.The model would look much better with a black door and this is one of few changes which have actually weakened the set in relation to 10188 . The cell is simply furnished with a couple of bricks to represent the bed and a red light on the wall, perhaps indicating when the door is locked. The walkway supports rest on tiles so are easily knocked over, causing the walkway to collapse. Any minifigures standing on top are in danger of falling into the air shaft below. A lovely printed hatch element was introduced last year and the set has been updated to incorporate this brilliant piece. This section of wall is attached to brackets and lies flush with the rest of the wall despite the fact that they are constructed in perpendicular directions.

In addition, this window is able to hinge downwards by virtue of the component used and you could therefore send a minifigure smashing through it to land inside the hangar bay!

The top floor is accessible via the turbolift and the first room contains the controls for this important feature. It is also quite difficult to place minifigures inside as the entrances to the lift are quite narrow, although the 10×10 dish on top is easily removable which is very helpful. A maintenance area occupies the rest of the space. Perhaps the wall could be sealed and the lift could open onto the bridge instead. Two rotating control stations occupy the floor space in here and there is room for a minifigure to stand inside the station on the left. Two different images can be shown on the view screen by reversing the 2×5 brick inside. Nevertheless, it is nice to see some variation between this set and 10188 . Grey light fixtures adorned the walls of this chamber in 10188 but they have been replaced with black fixtures in the new model. These look equally good in my opinion, as do the dark red canisters which are stacked against the wall in order to break up the otherwise drab colour scheme. The tabletop features a holoprojector which is accurate to the source material and this can be removed to reveal storage for some accessories. A pair of turbolaser towers complete the model. This is a terrific function and it works very well due to the simplicity of the mechanism.The changes made to the model are relatively minor which is frustrating as there was room for substantial improvement and the potential of this set has not been fully realised. Inflation and the additional pieces are partly responsible for this increase but these fail to fully justify the price of 75159 , as you can see in the table below. Price point is a bit of a negative, but in the long term it will seem good value, just as 10188 does now. What i think is not normal is losting the chance to improve the model. But it’s good for people that didn´t bought the original one. Besides, the fact that some minifigs were updated doesn’t warrant this pricetag.

I really wonder how much better it would look if curved slopes were added to the walls. Lego if they feel it’s way over priced!!!

I am very disappointed with the price of this new set.

I was hoping this would be an updated to the old model.

I always thought the old model looked like it was created in the ’90s.

I never understood why the left the square parts in, where they could have added curved pieces to make it more like a sphere. Will look to get a few of the new minifigures to add to it.

I know it won’t happen, but an official ‘upgrade pack’ to upgrade from 10188 to 75159 would be great. Although the figures are quite right and the price increase does appear to be above inflation, do the extra 213 pieces include those which go into the mini figures?

Surely the only people willing to pay this amount are those that are blissfully unaware of the previous price. It surely won’t sell in the kind of numbers that the previous version did, although it may be sitting on store shelves just as long.

I think the inclusion of the turbolift is intelligent, as well as the laser batteries on top.

I am very disappointed by the lack of effort in improving it since the 2008 release. Too pricey and looks as dumb as the original one did. They would be heavy modules, the walls would lack rigidity without ceilings, multi-level features such as the lifts would be an issue, nevermind making sure it only goes together one way. All of those could probably be resolved but at what cost to looks and functions?

Notably people who do not mind spending €500 on one lego set, and who do not already own the previous 10188 version. Starfighter features different printing on the torso and legs to that in this set. Your review elucidates so many of the beautiful and disappointing aspects of the 2008 model. No doubt for any other fan of the original such as myself, it’s truly more of a listing and thorough examination of that model rather than a discussion of something new – though admittedly the minifigure list was kind of thrilling. Their primary concern will always be revenues and expenses, as with all businesses. Thankfully it’s not their only concern, so they manage to churn out some great product from time-to-time. Plus 10188 was in production for so long of course they needed to update the pieces.

I can’t help feeling a lot of the whinging is people who bought several 10188s hoping to sell them on at a profit. One wonders why they did not use a shorter axle in the first place.

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