LEGO 10189 Price Re Release Piece Mahal Cyber Monday

Interestingly, the new set contains a single piece more than its predecessor released in 2008, though the model is indistinguishable from its earlier twin. It just happens that day is the first day of availability and will likely sell out quickly.

I you didn’t get one the first time around, tough. Seems like soon you will be able to order any set past or present and the collecting of set will be a thing of the past. Why would they not re-release or remake popular sets if they think people would buy them?

They’re here to make money, and this makes them money.You kind of sound like you’re sitting on top of a bunch of old sets to sell and are just afraid the bottom is going to drop out of the secondary market. It was made up of vintage sets that were rereleased. It apparently flopped, because they dropped it like a lead brick before it had been out a full year. Turns out there are tons of people who want old sets. They just can’t agree on _which_ old sets they want. They also have to pass up a ton of new sets because there’s just too much for most people to buy, and adding vintage sets onto the pile doesn’t make the pile more affordable.

They aren’t selling collectibles to collectors, they are selling toys to kids.

I think you get two years from the date they’re earned to unload them or they vanish. Oldest points get spent first, so if you save them up to make one big purchase around the same time every year, any unspent points will be less than a year old and will be the first to go when you make your next big purchase.

I won’t be getting it, seeing as how it’s 300 dollars.

I still can’t figure out lego’s prices, but as they say it may not be their fault. Maybe the government is charging too much on it because it is a very large item??

I think that the size at much situations can change the prices, like here, it sometimes happens, the size of the box can change the price of the product to be more high than expected. The taxes are higher when the size of the product is bigger.

I have no pure lego stores but only small warehouses.

I do agree with you however when you say that the box size contributes to the pricing, obviously this adds a few more complicated factors to the equation and ends up with a box that is almost unnecessarily too big for the product. The box would be that large because of the issue of the pieces being crushed. Also there is classic marketing to consider as well. A bigger box easily justifies an expensive purchase.

I use large boxes to store instruction books. It is quite resourcefull, and there is basically nowhere elso to put them. But the first point you made confirms that people are happy with the box size, which does contribute to marketing. This is so much better and impressive to build. Would you rather have a taj mahal or a millenium falcon.

I won’t get it because although it looks nice, it isn’t minifigure scale, another reason why the falcon is more expensive. Apart from the fact that they cost generally more for the same amount of pieces compared to a regular set. Unmovable when the 3 parts are joined, but movable with the top bit (~70cm) removed. We’ll make more.” and then make you wait for weeks/months. This is assuming people actually buy this thing. But given the crazy aftermarket prices on this thing, the demand is still very high.

10189 Taj Mahal

And the piece count is higher by 1: 5, 923 vs 5, 922 for the original. The set is only meant for display and not for everyday play considering its very large size and elegant features. The square plinth is composed of several bright blue baseplates forming a perimeter of 20 x 20 studs with over two hundred white 2 x 2 turntables placed on top. On each corner of the square plinth are tall columns that are topped by a dome. The symmetrical building is formed with arches and bricks with an arch-shaped doorway that is topped by a large dome and finial. Now you can recreate this modern wonder of the world for yourself!

Now you can recreate this modern wonder of the world for yourself. It is a large model that takes up space on my largest coffee table.

I have been to the real thing, and this model does it justice. He still has it assembled in his bedroom, and it has been over a year now.

You can put some kind of a light in it, too, to make it light up.

Lego 10189 Price

This set is not for the casual lego builder. It does take quite a bit of time to get done. But, once done, it looks very nice, and the assembler has every right to be proud of what he has accomplished. The set itself is built very solidly except for the tower sections that get placed on the corners.

I would highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a good challenge and something to spend some extra time on. Almost 6000 pieces affording hours of fuun putting it together and when it’s done you have something to display. If you have children old enough, this can also be a great family project, since there are many sections that are duplicated by 4. He loved it-my only issue was the cost and the fact that it only took an 11 year old about 4 hours to put together with minimal use of the instructions.

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