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I must have built and rebuilt these countless times in all kind of shapes and forms. They would post various pictures of the sets they had when they were young, and would reminiscence the good times they had with it.

The first floor is a bit repetitive, mainly because it’s a bit barebones but man, the second floor blew my mind. Lots of creative ideas and build techniques are applied. For example, the aforementioned refrigerator, the ping pong table, and the assortment of kitchen furnitures. Lego sets are known for their built quality which can last for decades.From the stylings, the interior deco, the fire truck, all are based on that particular decade.

I was surprised by how unorthodox it was. The company started as a small company selling wooden toys, – which were very succesful for a then small company. The most fun built is of course the second floor. But be weary though, once you buy a set you’re dying to want more.

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