LEGO 10210: Imperial Flagship

They are rolled across the floor on wheels, with rows of bricks on either side preventing them from sliding away from the cannon-port. Over each cannon port is a blue flap, which can be lifted.

Its hull houses a brig behind the bow, a galley at the aft and the aforementioned artillery in between. The ships superstructure is divided into two separately detachable segments to allow easy access to the hull’s interior, since its completely covered by the main deck. One segment comprises the two foremost masts fixed to a part of the main deck with a large latticed hatch at its centre. The second segment comprises the stern castle that houses the captain’s quarters, and the aft-most mast which has another latticed hatch in front of it.The front of the ship has a single flag, and a saw shark as decoration. Two doors lead into captain’s quarters that contain a commode, a telescope on a stand, a chest and an organ. It is entirely inside, with a door leading to the main deck of the ship. The map is on a table, with a crystal stand right next to it. There is an organ in the back, but the set does not come with an organist. There are 6 windows, with two in the back at a constant angle.

There is also a small balcony behind the room, but with no open doors, the minifigure who was there would have to jump down from above to get onto it. The interior can be accessed by removing its roof which is also the quarter deck with the helm station. Beneath the stern-castle is the galley, which contains a fireplace where a chicken is spit roasted, as well as various pieces of equipment, such as frying pans and knives. The roasting chicken can be rotated rotisserie style. Above the captain’s quarters is the place from which the ship is steered. It uses skeleton legs and rods to create a balcony effect. It has a steering wheel, a sextant, and a golden telescope. In the back of the ship is a rudder and 3 lamps. Directly behind the bow is the brig, which also contains the ship’s fully functional anchor winch. The vertical winch can be operated from the deck above. The brig itself is usually hidden beneath the first detachable deck segment and has a brick-built door that leads to the artillery deck. It also contains a bench on which a captive minifigure can be placed. The artillery section takes up the whole space between the brig and the galley. It contains four cannons, two crates with ammunition (ten round 1×1 bricks total), 2 muskets, and two torches with flames. The artillery room can be accessed by either opening the large hatches or detaching the deck segments. From it “sprout” the masts, each with their rigging attached to this level. The sections of this deck, along with the masts attached to them, can be removed (and so can the captains quarters) for a detailed view inside of the interior. The set includes two slightly different dress pieces (steep 2×2 slopes) for her; both are blue with golden print at the front, one with blue ornaments and one with red ornaments. Some sets did not come with both dresses. The jib (the foremost staysail on the bowsprit) is not attached to any cords and is instead held aloft by a pole that wouldn’t be there on an actual sailing ship. On the front of the box, the cook was seen fighting the officer. Build an incredible classic sailing ship!

With a piece count of just one in the box, this product provides simple, easy and fun entertainment without becoming overwhelming for small, learning hands.

You can let it go your imagination with this ship and recreate your battles with another ships and lego island.

lego imperial flagship

A huge set with a small army of mini figs.

Lego Imperial Flagship Stop Motion

Stop motion video of Lego’s Imperial Flagship(10210). About 90 mins or so to sort the pieces, 16 hours of building/filming, plus …

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