LEGO 10212 Imperial Shuttle Ucs

Structurally it could be better, but if you are just displaying it then you shouldn’t have any major problems. Before you get a sense of where to grab it, you will likely grab it by the sides of its hull which generally fall off easily if you do so.

Lego 10212 Imperial Shuttle Ucs

There is no main storage area in the rear of the ship (although there is a bit of space for it if you wanted to adapt it as such). Also, the landing gear just pins on if you want to use it. Otherwise it is a separate section that is removed and doesn’t fold into the ship. So, in general, it looks and displays great, but isn’t very playable.If you get it used in one bag of mixed pieces, it is going to take a long time to build/find the pieces you need.

You should inquire as to the skill with which the stickers were applied (consoles and information plate). Also, remember to protect it from dust and keep it out of direct sunlight!!!

It looks gorgeous on display, especially when using the stand.

Brick Vault One Year Anniversary!!!

Imperial Shuttle Ucs 10212 | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

Today marks (roughly) one year of making Lego videos on youtube!

This is an absolute blast!

Love all the support!

And ending …

lego image imperial shuttle brick vault one year a 1

Imperial Shuttle™

Come with us as we take an exclusive look at the never before seen LEGO Star Wars: Ultimate Collector’s Imperial Shuttle

lego image imperial shuttle brick vault one year a 2

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