LEGO 10214: Amazon Customer Reviews Lego Tower Bridge

Includes 5 blue base plates and over 80 windows!

I knew it was 4300 pieces but you don’t know the gravity of 4300 pieces until you see them layed out on the table!

Lego 10214 Amazon

I couldn’t stop building this because it was addictive.

I always wanted to know what was going to happen next!

Someone figured that if you put this series of legos on top of these other legos – you get room for another layer which will ultimately create a pattern that looks like a stone wall!

Those tiny tiny angled pieces that have 556 count in the set were incredibly tedious.I purchased this set after having an original idea.

I didn’t sort any of the pieces but did take someones advice to build the 2 towers at the same time to save time. The draw back was the bags not being numbered but it made it that much better. Maybe an ice hockey areana or football stadium could be cool. The likeness to the real deal is amazing. This is one of the easier large legos that my one year old granddaughter could actually play with instead of not touching, she loved moving the cars along the road.

I really just guessed trying to think back to my build. Additionally it looked great once assembled. Might be worth getting two as these appreciate very quickly once discontinued.

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