LEGO 10214 Review: Tower Bridge

However as tall-masted sailing ships sailed and docked in the area, a traditional fixed bridge could not be built as the masts would restrict their access. The double leaf bascule bridge is raised in two sections by a system of hydraulics that allow the drawbridge to open and admit ships through that would otherwise have been stopped by the bridge’s span.

Lego 10214 Review

Traffic drives across the bridge when it is down and then is stopped for the duration of the bridge’s raising and lowering. With 4287 pieces the completed model measures 40″ (102 cm) long, 17″ (45 cm) high and 10″ (26 cm) wide so if you want to keep it assembled then you will need to make some serious space for it on a shelf. To put the whole thing together takes about 15 hours and the three instruction books contain about 50 steps in each. Sorting the pieces before you start to build will save a heap of time so have some spare bags handy (resealable if you will be doing it over a few days).As with all of these highly detailed sets there are many small pieces (this is where the time and patience come in). A great thing about the final model is that it can be taken apart in large pieces for transportation or storage and then reassembled easily. Overall the building process is alot of fun and gives you an appreciation of the details in the this gothic styled structure that you might have missed on a casual glance. If you have the space to accomodate the model’s length and height then don’t hesitate. This is a model that needs to be put on display in order to truly appreciate all the minor details and once this set out of production it’s price will rise in the secondary market. . Also the set looks huge on display, it can easily be the centerpiece of any collection and will for sure get people talking!

It is amazing to me how in a set with more than 4, 000 pieces there are only a handful of exclusive pieces. First, it is a symmetrical build, which means you will be doing each step twice. Not only are both towers the same, but pretty much every single floor of the four that constitute each of the towers is almost exactly the same as the one below it!

There are some minor variations on some of the floors, very minor, and you’ll start knowing the steps by memory once you hit the third floor. At least the “crown” of the towers is a very interesting build and helps you finish the tower feeling good about yourself. The road sections and the pieces that simulate the hanging bridge feature are very nice to build and help some with changing the pace of the rest of the structure.

I will say, and this was my personal experience here, this set is perfect if you plan to build this with someone else. It really is a nice experience if you end up doing it with family or friends. Playability in this set is almost non existent.

I guess you can play for a while with the cars and lifting up the bridge and so on, but the main objective of this set is to be a great display piece. There is one caveat here however, in that as said on a previous section you also get a large number of 1×1 tan slopes and some other small pieces that increase piece count, make the price per piece ratio lower, but may not be a very valuable piece overall.

I will rate this set as a 9 in value for the money. Large amount of pieces, low price, great deal!

Most of the sets in the theme are very good on the price per piece ratio, on the level of detail and also on raw piece count. Looking a little deeper into the popularity of the theme we can find out that not even one set that has ever been released under it has underperformed. This is always good, pleople want to own the largest models, for bragging rights or just because it looks very cool, and this helps push the prices of sets like this up faster than smaller ones. This is a great characteristic of sets like this, they can double in value and the statistics will play in the sellers favor by still looking as a pretty fair price to pay for such a large model. Also, in this case the fact that the set is part from a more generic theme focused more in adult collectors can also improve the odds in does well in the after market. Get as many as you can afford, especially if you find it discounted. The blue baseplates are a great touch, it helps make the set look like it is actually on the water like the real thing. The vehicles again add to the overall look of the set and help set the scene even more. There are just too many small details that pop out when you are closely admiring the model, but even by just taking a quick look this set will impress anyone that comes by your collection. It is also a very elegant set that makes it clear it is not a toy, but a very nice display piece that would fit nicely in any office. My favorite is of course the double decker bus with it’s clear brick windows and cool entryway.

It really makes more sense anyway, since minifig would not be to scale and seem like a silly juxtaposition to the vehicles. Unique parts is kind of a mixed bag since when a set has 4287 pieces – you’re going to get a lot of unique pieces. It gives it a great smooth finished look, but there are a whopping 556 or about 13% of your overall piece total devoted to this single brick!

I think my four year-old spent the entire build time running those tiny cars back and forth about five thousand times, and it really added a new dimension when we added some cars from other various sets. It wasn’t quite to scale, but it was fun flying them off the bridge. Honestly, the majority of your build experience is constructing the same huge tower twice. It’s not a huge negative, but certainly something to consider from a collectors standpoint and something that could negatively influence potential buyers. This ambiguous run schedule says that this set may be nearing the end, but could hamper potential investment returns the longer the run goes.

I wouldn’t start worrying about this too much unless it stays alive past the holiday season into next year. The piece count on the box depending on which run you obtain is different. The original run shows a piece count of 4287 pieces, while it has been reported that newer runs has a piece count of 4295.

Lego 10214 Review

I don’t know exactly when this happened, or if they will never run a box with the 4287 piece number again, but it could also become an interesting factor when investing. These are the kind of sets you wish you knew about four years ago and have truly become dream investments. Another great factor is the initial investment costs. This is one of those sets, where if you have the room, you want it to be shown off to the world. It’s also worthy to note – that semi-deconstruction is easy since it’s just a few technic pieces holding the roadbed together, so it’s easy to get it out of the way if you need to.

I will admit that the little modular cars pictured on the box are pretty neat. Unlike other sets that may be parted out for profits this set in particular you are going to want to keep intact if at all possible. Keeping this in its entirety will help you yield the best profits.

Lego Tower Bridge Review Set 10214

This model leaves it wide open for playability too.

I could see it in his eyes too, he wanted to crack it open and use all the mini-figures he has in his own collection and play around with it. Brand new retail this set’s price per piece is cheap at around 5 cents a pop. This of course depends on if you can get the set on sale or not. As far as parting out, you are going to want to keep this set intact if at all possible to maintain full value and maximize your profit. If you know you still have some time to buy a set then wait until the perfect moment. What kid wouldn’t want a four thousand piece set to play with?

Another aspect of this theme is the fact that all three of these sets can be displayed and looked at in complete amazement!

I foresee every model in this theme in the future to explode in the secondary market as well. That goes the same with production runs, its been on the market an additional year longer than its predecessors. All of the major retailers have this set on their website and they are all priced similar.When the prices are all the same look at other areas to compare. The colors and the size of the box just really pop out at me.

I can stare at all of my unopened sets together for hours. Luckily my store had 5 sets sitting on the shelf!

I scooped up four of them for an amazing price!!!

The stock boomed and everyone holding a couple of hundred shares made very nice returns.

Lego Tower Bridge Time Lapse And Review

A review and time lapse of the new lego set, The London Tower Bridge.

I have friends who push stocks on me all of the time. Roughly three years after retirement both of these sets had more than tripled in value.

I love this website is that it pulls current ebay auctions that have sold and it takes an average price of the unit. These sets are consistently selling for over a thousand dollars each. This should have given everyone plenty of time to order this set. But the good news is, this gave everyone plenty of time to want this set. Times are harder right now and not everyone can afford this set. Perhaps in a few years they will be better off and will remember how bad they wanted this set now and it will spark an interest later on. Lego’s and will want to pick up this set for either themselves, their children or purely as an artistic sculpture to put up on their mantle.

I personally project this set to double in value after one year of retirement. At that three year point that is going to be the time to sell. It’s not going to de-value so worst case scenario you keep your cash tied up in the sets as a rainy day fund and sell them for a break even price later on. It sits wonderfully and could be placed in so many different places around one’s house or office building for anyone to admire.My friend has a small business with a front office. He tells me people come in and while they are waiting they’re always checking it out. If you want a large scale model to be displayed then look no further!

But if it does even half as well as the other two then its still a great return in a small period of time. No one knows when this set is going to retire. Maybe you can hold off and pick this up on clearance sometime down the road but is it really worth the wait and the risk?

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