LEGO 10218 Modular Buildings List Retiring Sets

It comes with accessories including dog bones, a frog toy, and a bucket and brush. The shop has an upper apartment, an attached townhouse with attic space, a balcony, and a roof garden.

Lego 10218 Retiring

The kit contains 2032 pieces and is recommended for ages 16 and over. Not the best set they have produced in this series. The market now has saturated quite a lot more as more people own these sets now.

I hope they continue the series and replace them with something else.The 16×32 hole on the other side of the block isn’t enough for a parking lot. Is there a 16×32 green plate to make a park area?

Lego cars aren’t longer than 16 studs are they?

The cars are nominally 6 wide and you need at least a stud on each side or maybe 2. So 32 studs deep fits at most 4 spots but you lose one to sidewalk at the front.

I envision a parking lot to have more space.

Lego Pet Shop (10218) From Lego Modular Retiring Soon!!!

I got my second Lego Modular Building – a Lego Pet Shop, which is going to be retired very soon.

We will publish a video of …

One idea- maybe a good spot for an in-progress construction site or demolition site though?

A construction site until you figure out something would look great. A buddy of mine mentioned as soon as this set came out how awkward the size is and how it was going to mess up his whole layout. That’s the secondary market marking them up. Sometimes there may be a note on the online listing that the set is “retiring soon”, but most of the time there will be no indication. Depending on what set it is the mark up may be minor, or a big jump. With the modulars usually it is a big jump. Sometimes they may do clearance sales when they lower the price on old sets they want to get rid of, but popular sets like the modulars never go on sale. It is also very versatile, as it is the only split building on two baseplates, so you can add them to your layout in many different ways. If you browse this subreddit often, you will be one of the first persons to know when a set gets retired, as members here are pretty vigilant to post such important news. Usually with highly sought after sets, the prices increase by a minimum of 300%. Lego instead of these greedy re-sellers that live in their mother’s basements. Maybe they could do it kickstarter style.

Lego Pet Shop Modular Building Retired Set !

Speed Build & Review!

Buy it here: Get the OLD FISHING STORE here: Check out our LEGO® Builds: …

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