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The driver’s cab lifts off as does a side panel that shows a faux diesel engine. The engine is very long and makes great use of side-facing bricks to achieve a realistic look.

Lego 10219 Power Functions

The container cars, unfortunately, use a two-level plate that simplifies construction but does not look accurate. But the container cars’ shortcomings are partly made up for with six-stud-wide containers and shunting truck. The containers can be stacked on top of each other or in tandem (with two 2×2 bricks holding them up in the middle). The battery replaces the faux engine, the actual motor replaces one of the bogies, and the infrared receiver drops in next to the battery.Lego just retired the straight and curved pack, yet there is no standard curve replacement. There are 64 of these small pieces in this set. The build took a little while, but my 9 year old managed it just fine. The detailing on this train is great, there are a few movable parts, doors at the back of the cars open. My son is thrilled (he saved for a year to get this). Product delivered on time and matched noted comments and nothing is missing from my set.

Motorizing Lego 10219 Maersk Train Lego Fun Review

I will definitely be looking at them for future deals. Lego set reasonable, have yet to build it though!!

I thought they’d go end of line a little later than they did. It’s a neat set, but it’s not that big, that complex, nor that interesting of a build. It also uses a lot of stickers across multiple bricks. Well, you can control it, but it’s limited to switching it on and off (if you can catch it). Now, as far as limited control goes, don’t neglect the polarity switch !

Or you could even mimic the old 4, 5v system and have your train switch direction automatically at both ends of a track. Sets are usually cheaper than standalone elements, and considering the extra parts you’ll get, it may be a wiser investment. You’ll also need tracks but even on a set you’re going to need to spring for more tracks if you want it to be awesome. Browse other questions tagged power-functions trains set-modification or ask your own question . What is the difference between train motors 88002 and 10153?

Why do bikes hardly ever skid while braking with the front wheel?

It also has vents and other detailing on the roof and around it. They are, like the engine, blue, grey and white coloured. In the middle, there is a small space for the container to fit into. The containers can fit on the cars on the sides, double stacked or put on side ways from each other. The cars can be added on to the engine by using the magnetic couplings on the front and back. The truck itself has a cab in the front, along with mirrors and a small side way to get in. In the back is a way to connect the trailer to the truck. The trailer has a large space to store the container. They have dark blue legs and torsos, and orange work vests. The first of them has a smiley face, second has a smiley face with glasses, and the third has a bearded face. One of the workers also comes with a spanner.

The first two are large and grey coloured. The third is white coloured with refrigeration detailing, such as gauges and control panels. The minifigure’s torsos are exclusive to this set. Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!

The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing).

Motorized X Lego Maersk Train !!!

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