LEGO 10220 Retire: Retiring Sets Lego

Other than those, they are unsure what else at this point. That seems like a set that should be around a bit longer.

Lego 10220 Retire

My favorite build in the modular line up to that point. Every time one comes out of the woodwork, and decides to share “future wisdom” with us, they have always been wrong. Sometimes a set will go out of a store’s “profile” so it won’t be stocked there anymore and that may be what’s happening at that store in particular. When it’s comes to retired sets, they don’t give us very much heads up at all.I consider myself pretty active on our news both internal and external. It’s worth considering that each store will carry their own inventory of any given set. This is something that each store can track themselves pretty well. So from a customer point of view as an in store shopper, any given set leaving that store assortment would simply disappear and effectively be retired.

I am recently out of my dark ages and do not have any experience with how accurate their word is yet. Thanks for the heads up that they may not be the most accurate.

That intriguing revelation begs the question: which retired set should be re-released next?

Future sets will probably be categorised similarly, excluding certain themes from consideration. A modular that looks stunning and involves interesting building techniques, and has some interior to match the focus on interior for recent releases. It seems to be a strong market for it as well – it is higly desired by people who for different reasons did not get their hands on it, and it is now way too expensive to get on the secondary market. Some other older/retired modulars would be good too. If they are like me, they can’t afford the huge, exorbitant prices of these on the secondary market. Didn’t think there would be a set in production for 7 years. But, it always struck me as kinda odd that the monorail track was as wide as the train riding on top, so perhaps this is their chance to re-do the monorail set but with a different track. And of course, no matter how unrealistic, any monorail set. There’s pretty much zero chance of either one of those being re-released as a large set anytime soon.

I own this set and it’s amazingly lovely!

Maybe the farm theme is recent enough it could pass without updates?

And done correctly with the opening front reinstalled in the box!!

That set was out way too short and it commands absurd prices now. And that trick crossing switch you got a patent for but never made. Lego history: they deserve a second life.

I don’t even care if they add any interior details with the re-release or not. So it would need to be a redone set with new ideas and pieces (like windows).

I missed out on those beauty and would truly be grateful for a second chance.

I know a lot of people missed out on that during its first run, myself included. Doesn’t matter to me if they release it exactly as was, or with a few modifications. Start bringing out the sets from the inside tour, promotional sets or the sets that the lego employees get. And each should include a small vial containing the tears of all the resellers whose profits have been slashed overnight. It would be great to see selected classic sets re-released.

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Lego will consider a similar campaign with the monorail and let people vote with their wallets. Either they still have an active patent (and could sue anyone who infringes on it), or the patent has expired and anyone can produce them without legal complications. Both are quite easy to buy as sealed sets. The old ones didn’t even have an interior. All the ships come with the big square blue baseplates, except with wave patterns on them to make them look like the actual ocean surface. Lego’s techniques get better and better, so would much prefer newer models of what most people have mentioned here, over remakes.

Legofan Tells When Lego Sets Are Retired

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