LEGO 10220 Trailer IDEAS

These include not only which utensils to add but what containers or other items you might choose put in the large storage area. The list can easily (automatically) added!

Lego 10220 Trailer

Moreover we offer to buy all the bricks you need for your model and ship it to your home. As you see we offer the all-around carefree package. If there are any questions feel free to contact us. One last information to those who are always complaining about the prices.It takes hours and hours to create the building instructions you find in our shop and we need expensive software to achieve this quality. Please remind the fact that we have to provide our families with the sale of models and building instructions. The unique custom printed tarpaulins can be bought separately, and shipping on those is a lot more affordable than getting the entire kit.

Lego Rc Vw Camper And Trailer

Custom VW T1 Camper built from the Lego set 10220 and other parts Built late 2011.

lego image trailer ideas lego camper and traile 1

Lego Trailer Movie

Builng a LEGO sereis trailer movie for Camper Van (#10220) All parts are organized by size and color.

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