LEGO 10221 Original Price

Boxes within the lego set are packaged very nicely and laid out very well for building. Comes with tiny command center in ship, but mini figs cannot be left in there unless they are laying as flat as they can be (so that the top can be put on).

Lego 10221 Original Price

I bought 2 of these: 1 for myself for display, and one to hold onto as an investment.

I had a few pieces left over, which was fine. If you are not paying close attention to some parts of the instructions when building out the longer portions of the ship’s structure you could run into alignment problems later on. There are parts that are built multiple times but comes to be expected as the ship is so big.I will probably dismantle this at some point to rebuild it for fun. One thing to note is that, in my opinion, this particular set is purely a display piece and is not feasible as a play set. This set has been built but all pieces have been counted and includes box and instructions as per the photos above. All sticker pieces are in fantastic condition as is the instructions. The box appears to have some light water damage from storage however it is still in decent condition and didn’t affect the instruction booklet. Model is built with box in good condition as shown in photo.

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