LEGO 10225 Review Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series D

The box itself is pretty large and has some many nice pictures of him on all sides. Inside the box, it has 15 numbered bags, 3 instruction booklets, and 1 sticker for the plaque.

It is the the same one that we’ve seen before in previous 2012 sets. As you can see, there are many colored pieces along with with some basic white pieces. At this point, you can now see his rounded shoulders. As we move up, we also build the front door panels for his gadgets.On the back side, there is a hole for the third leg release switch that we’ll be building shortly as well as turn switches to pop out his gadgets. The yellow connector is joined with elastic bands to form the latch to keep the leg raised or lowered. Also the side panels right below the legs are covered up with some grill pieces. The leg fits right between the the yellow mechanism in the previous step. It slips right into the leg piece where it is secured with a blue pin on the bottom of the feet. The fuel cells easily attach to the inside part of the legs.

Lego Star Wars 10225 Ucs R2 D2 Review!

2012 Set!

MandRproductions reviews the 2012 LEGO Star Wars “R2-D2” Ultimate Collectors Series set!

It originally went for $179.99, …

As we’re getting close to completing the set, we finally get to build the head. It did get a little annoying to put together in the beginning because it was a little flimsy until the third level.

You continue to build up until the dome is almost complete. On the final bag of the set, we get to cover up the rest of the head and attach it to the body.

You also get a good amount of extra pieces in the end. Building him was very enjoyable and worth the time to make it. The dark blues and grays make the figure stand out. Although it does look a little blocky on the head, it’s not bad at all. The back of the body looks a bit plain but that’s ok. Some of the features of the set includes a fully rotatable head and the gadgets in the front panel. The main feature is the retractable third leg which flips out from the lever in the back. He measures 7″ wide and 12″ tall so this is a pretty nice-sized figure. This will definitely be a nice showcase set to add to your collection.

I have as it can be tricky to lock it into place properly and the mechanism doesn’t always feel stable to me which makes me a bit nervous it will topple when in move mode. Will parting out the set pieces as well as the 10 minifigures provide any profit?

Most the rare parts come in the “earth blue” color, so if you are interested in those you should be checking out the complete list.

I don’t believe that the part collection of this set is really going to do much for its value in the secondary market. Say, one with the third leg or metallized head. The model is sturdy, and you could probably move it around the floor, but there is really not mcuh more you can do. As far as the build experience goes, this one is top notch. This is a perfect example where the pricing is consistent all the way with comparable sets, so it is my view that this means 10225 is a fairly priced set. Plus, the variety of pieces included in 10225 is just so much better than in 10018 or 7194. Still, none of the included parts is really that valuable at this point, so you may be better served by waiting a while before attempting to do this. In my opinion, once some sets have been retired for a very long period of time, it is best to go directly to the price over retail to figure out what kind of performer the specific set was.

Plus, the piece selection is also very limited in that model, as most of it consists of black and some red parts. Even more, it has a very interesting piece collection and several extra features the other two just can’t compete with, while still keeping the high level of detail. Almost every single detail of the little robot is present on the model, and the colors are just perfect in my opinion. This is definitely going to be a set that will catch the attention of every single person that takes a look at your collection, since it is one of the most recognizable characters of the whole series. Really great set, you would be wise to pick up several of these before they go into retirement!

As far as unique parts, the majority of the set is a perfect compliment of white juxtaposed to the various blues that capture the character perfectly. Usually, when you have a set of this size it’s for display purposes only, or at most there is one central movable feature. It’s also great because it translates into a unique build with very few repetitious steps. It’s not really a part of the packing itself, but was a great little side piece for collectors and investors alike. However, looking at percentile growth over the original retail price is another great tool when judging a sets potential over a longer period of time. It’s light and bright colors, mixed with fantastic details simply wow anyone who looks at it.

Lego 10225 Review

I would recommend having the third leg extended for display purposes, since the tilt and extra leg make it that much cooler. If you can sit one – my guess is you will make some serious green and still have one to proudly display. It is a great set to have in your collection.

I think that there may be some pieces that are rare, such as the plate that the sticker with the information goes on. Also, there may be fewer sets that have certain pieces in a certain color. This set is a great set if you are looking for a bargain in price per piece. When you look at the box of the set, you think that the color of the pieces will be white and blue. The set contains some colors other than white and blue such as green, yellow, and red.

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2 10225 Review

These pieces are used in the interior building of the set. It is also fun to play with all the different compartments where different things are.

You can also make the set go from having three treads to having two treads or the opposite for which ever one you like more.

I have different types of boxes and this box feels of a much higher quality. With the information card and high amount of details it is a great display piece.

I definitely think it can create a conversation when a person may see it. This set is definitely a impressive set when you compare it to other sets. Everything about this set is fun and exciting. With a good potential to be worth more in the future and a great retail price.

I hope that anyone who reads this will agree with me and get one of these sets themselves. This will be one of those set that will look impressive as a showpiece as well as a toy.The size of the box kind of mislead what you will be having. At 30cm, this is certainly not one of the biggest and most majestic set you will find with more than 2000 brick counts. Where the hell do these bricks belong to?

The building instruction comes in three installments and were nicely packed in a card-boarded plastic bag. The colours are all very distinctive in the instruction manual and therefore there should be no issue of mistaken identity. A child might find it challenging to hold up the model to fix certain parts especially towards the end of the building process, when most of the bricks are already in place.

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The construction starts with the body, which is hollow in the centre and will house a variety of mechanisms. Do constantly check that each brick is pressed firmly to the last and leave no gap which will be a source of weakness in the structure. There are many technics parts in this pack and you will need to ensure that it is built to standard. The key purpose of this “engine” is to house lifting mechanism of the retractable third leg. With all three legs deployed, the model is most steady and gives you a sense of movement. It is like a mobile swiss knife capable of holographic projection. Activating them will require the two front panels to be opened manually first, then you can rotate the knobs to erect the tool. Attaching the head to the body is just a simple task of pushing the spherical head onto a spine in the center.

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