LEGO 10233: Horizon Express

The engine of this set features a realistic-looking brick step and an engineer’s chair. There is also a molded steering wheel and brake lever.

Lego 10233 Horizon Express

The cars each have a sliding door so that the minifigures can go in and out with ease. The first passenger rail car is the luxury-class vehicle. There is also a bathroom with operable doors and a sink. This set comes with newspapers, suitcases, and other accessories to enhance the characters’ travels.There’s a hinged snack bar counter and a coffee machine so that the characters can provide beverage service. Steer from the front engine car with a control panel and brick-built electrical box. These functions allow you to make realistic whistle sounds. The six minifigures include a female train engineer, a male train steward, two female passengers, and two male passengers. This set works with multiple types of track, including both flexible and straight tracks. If you wish to build a figure eight or a switchable track, you can use additional pieces to create a complex course.

Lego Creator 10233 Horizon Express Lego Speed Build

With these speed trains, you will develop horizontal building techniques. The first car seats the engineer and features controls for driving the train. This is the first set to include a female train driver.

I think it should have as a full length train. Remove the roof to play inside 2 detailed passenger cars!

Then take to the tracks in luxury with the first-class car’s seats, luggage, newspapers, computer screen and even a bathroom with sliding door!

Includes 6 minifigures: train engineer, train steward, and 4 passengers. The interiors of all three cars are detailed and accessible via lift-off tops. The engine has a cab with controls and faux mechanical equipment. The passenger cars also have brick-built doors. The arrow detailing on the side of the engine, for example, is built from a stack of bricks arranged sideways. The train is built on orange train bases, which makes things simple (as opposed to built up layers of plates). Lego builder, this set will not be particularly difficult. But this train is great because it looks fast standing still and it has good access to the inside (where there is a lot going on). City-line set (which includes motors, track, etc.) and then add this later. If history is any guide, this set may last through most of 2014 before it is replaced.

I would not expect more than a small markdown at any time. The battery replaces the faux mechanical equipment in the engine, the actual motor replaces one of the bogies, and the infrared receiver drops in next to the battery. Has a lot of pieces but sure held his attention and that’s saying a lot for an eight year old. The engine is the best part of this set, and uses about half of the 1300 pieces in the set. The black strip across the front of the engine is a sticker, and the numbers on the windows are stickers. After this set is retired (predicted to retire in 2015), this set will be worth two or three times this price. At age 6, he spent 5 hours straight working on it. Of course, he’s absolutely in love with all trains, so it’s a joy to see him learn and analyze each step.

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It was not overly difficult (took him a couple of hours) but he is still playing with the train and would like to purchase the battery pack and track so that he can motorize it. His only negative comment was that the magnets that connect the trains could be stronger.

Lego Horizon Express Tgv Train Review

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