LEGO 10234 Retire

Employ a variety of new and advanced building techniques to recreate the complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing of the real thing. Some people wonder about the quality of the build, since there are many repetitive elements to it, such as the roof and the stairs, but this is really a non-issue.

The most important thing to buyers is that the model be large and accurate. The lack of a new box, and the age of the set, are enough to suggest that retirement risk is high, and anyone with an interest in owning this future classic would be wise to purchase it sooner than later. But as we’ve seen with other sets, there is still money to be made on newer sets, and particularly the bigger, more expensive ones.

I dont think it will be out there next year.Neither the ewok village and the sandcrawler. Lego it you will end up damaging your own lines.

I would suggest you just keep a close eye on the website around this time and you’ll be able to catch it. It seems to me that this set has not been sold too often and they have a large amount of these sets in stock with the old package.

Lego Investing Sydney Opera House

This set retired 6 months ago, and it is still worth the buy. Tune in to see the forecasted 2 – 8 year price projection for this amazing …

lego image retire lego investing sydney

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