LEGO 10236 Ewok Village Star Wars

Er zitten 17 minifiguren bij en 3 instructies. Glij van de glijbaan af en meng je in de strijd of verschuil jezelf in de boomstronk!

Lego 10236 Ewok Village

Zie de detailfoto’s voor de complete inhoud van deze set. All products will be shipped in 3 business with a tracking number. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries and we will respond in 24 hours. Its a big set which is easy to build but takes a while due to its size.Its a great focus piece on display and amazes and gets everyone talking. Its in the top 3lego star wars sets i own and which include the death star, star destoryer, at-at and the endor bunker set. Loads of speculators have bought multiples of this set hoping for the price to increase. There lies the problem, there are too many sets available and it’s not a great display set. This set is more suited for young kids to play with. You’ll be left with very little profit after deducting their fees and doing all the hard work and risking a fussy buyer who is not happy with the slightest of scratches or a few missing pieces.

Lego Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village Lego Speed Build

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Lego Star Wars Ewok Village Ultimate Collectors Series Lego Speed Build Review

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