LEGO 10237 Of: Amazon Lego Lord Rings Tower Orthanc Building

There were one or two places in the instructions that were a little hard to read due to the very dark and low contrast printing. My 9 year old daughter pretty much assembled it herself.

Lego 10237 Tower Of Orthanc

Yes, the outside is all black, but the pieces on the inside more than make up for the lack of color. The outside black is very shiny and looks so intense.

I wouldn’t recommend this set to the kids, there are far better sets out there for their age group.

I built this with my 5 yr old son and we had such a good time building it.This thing is massively large and there is a lot to build. It was such a blast to build and it now sits next to me in my office at work. Just wish it took a bit longer to build for the price. Fun to build and impressive looking once complete!

On the floor there’s a trapdoor leading to the dungeon which can be controlled by a piece just below meant for unwanted visitors. Around the room there’s a table, two books and a scroll.

Lego Lotr 10237 The Tower Of Orthanc Lego Speed Build

In the middle of the room is the space for the foldable ladder on the ceiling leading to the attic. He has flexible joints, and a throwing function at the back, allowing him to catapult minifigures held in his hand. Saruman’s throne room, entrance hall and dungeon. Saruman ‘s cloak piece is exclusive to this set and also includes normal white legs. It presents not only the children, but also adult fans and collectors, with an opportunity to entertain and be entertained.

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Lego Tower Of Orthanc Review!

Lord Of The Rings Set

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