LEGO 10237 The Of Lord Rings Tower Orthanc Review

The box includes 18 numbered bags that go from 1-15, 3 cardboarded instruction booklets, and a sticker sheet. He has a double-sided face with the stern/angry expressions with the grey bushy eyebrows.

Gandalf has a brown staff as his accessory. He also has a pair of white legs that you can switch out. He has a double-sided head with a stern look on one side and an evil smile on the other. Saruman has a white beard with grey patches.His staff of power consists of multiple pieces. He has a mostly black torso with some brown printing for his robe. There is also printing for his medallion. Wormtongue also has a pale double-sided head with a worried look on one side and an angry look on the other. There is more leather printing on the legs as well. It has a double-sided head with an angry look on one side and an even angrier look on the other.

The angrier side also has the white hand printing across the face. It’s weapons include a sword and shield that also has the white hand emblem. It a brown torso which represents leather printing and brown legs. It has a single sided head with an angry expression. It consists of three pieces, the head and body piece and two wings. The head shows his yellow eyes and a gold beak although the head itself does not move. The feet is just a big block with some indentation to make it show the talons. There are four studs on the back to let a minifigure ride it. The wingspan is measured at a whopping 7 inches. First off, it looks much like your typical mech build but it looks ok. The actual head is a little bit lower and is at shoulder level. The eyes are on 1×1 tiles and are uneven so it looks like it just had a stroke. In the chin area of the head, if you can call it that, are some dark green vines which could act as a beard. On the back of the body, there is a knob that you use to rotate the right arm at the shoulder. The swinging arm is meant to smash things or to grab a minifigure and toss them around. The waist is able to turn a full 360 degrees but the beard vines will hit the hip joints. After you finish building the tower, you will be amazed how tall it actually is. On the back wall are some stickers a prison door, wargs, and some creepy eyes. The trapdoor from the entrance hall drops down too this area. The outer black beams of rock are curved as you go up the tower. In the back of the entrance, is the front doors. If you look in from the front entrance of the tower, you get a good looking view up. There’s not much to see in the room except for a couple of blue banners with the white hand symbol (stickered). In the left-middle area of the room is a table with a little grey statue.

lego image lord rings tower

The outside of the tower is built pretty much as like the lower level. If you push up the chandelier from the entrance room, the stand lights up by the way of a red light brick. It is also possible for it to light up with the darker side down but it has to be at a certain spot and plus, it won’t be as bright. On the left side of the room is a bookshelf with potions and a 2×2 sticker tile that shows some kind of recipe of a potion. The bookshelf on the other side of the room also has a potion and a letter of some sort. On the exterior part, there are plenty of tooth-spike pieces and pillars that give the tower a lot of detailing. In the middle of the room is a cauldron with grey studs that you can pour out. Right above the cauldron towards the back are a couple of unlit torches. On the exterior are some windows that use arch pieces with a lot of black bars. In my opinion, this part of the build was the most annoying because the vertical pieces are easily knocked off as you’re building until support pieces are put on to hold them in place. But once completed, the exterior looks amazing.

Lego 10237 The Tower Of Orthanc

On the left side of the wall is a map of an unknown place and a bookcase is on the right side of the room. There are also a couple of books in the room. Towards the back are a couple of torches and a couple off skulls on the ground. On the ceiling is a turntable piece that is used for something on the next floor. The room is accessed from the folding staircase that is opened by the turntable from the ceiling of the room below. The helmet is resting on a clear minifigure head. In the back of room sits a sword on a table. Next to the table is a barrel with three different colored staves. There’s not much to see on the platform because the exterior spires are where the details are. There are many details in the set that you will find that played a big role in the movies and you can also remake some of the scenes as well.

I enjoyed building it very much although there are some parts that you build that get a little repetitive.

Lego Lord Of The Rings The Tower Of Orthanc Lego Speed Build Review

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