LEGO 10243 Release Date: Parisian Restaurant

Croissants in new colour (white) are introduced as masonry decoration details. Build the busy restaurant, apartment and artist’s studio!

This set is simply so likeable that you have to think hard to find any cons. Some stages may be monotonous for some people (like tiles, roof, some decorations), but they last for a few minutes and then you start doing something else. From time to time you need to stop building just to marvel at the results. The parts are usually small, but incredibly varied.In the kitchen there are so many accessories that you’d cook yourself some dinner straight away, if you were a minifigure. Other useful parts include lots of plants, fences, tiles, windows and of course plenty of different bricks.

I can guarantee you’ll keep saving for another modular after getting this one.

I think it’s now my favorite series & look forward to building more.

I was attracted to the look of he restaurant. From the dining room to kitchen, second floor apartment to the third floor studio.

My favorites have to be the kitchen & fireplaces. The ornamental work on the third floor really makes a statement.

I added extra flowers to the flower pots & greenery on the canopy.

I thought the dishwasher would like to look at a little greenery!

After finishing the build, it most definitely is my favourite modular. But when you begin to look inside, the restaurant’s details will blow you away. The build: the build was challenging, with a number of complex micro builds. There are 4 sets of numbered bags which help. This modular uses a lot of smaller pieces to create the details and a lot of different colours. One of the best aspects of the build is a floor tile modelling in the front porch that you may notice after the furnishings are added, but it did make me smile. Minifigs: you get six minifigs and a scooter. Minifigs are fairly standard for a modular, but are geared to the theme of restaurant, including romance. See the description for what figs you get. For the sake of brevity, if you love challenging builds, buy this set. The best value of the modulars in my opinion. And seeing the restaurant come to life as you build, is a real treat. The details of the restaurant carry over into the apartment and the art studio. Finally, this set has the most interesting backyard of the modulars in my opinion. The second level has an apartment with a cute fireplace, stove, table and comfy chair!

My daughter thought of her own story line with the mini figs -the guy is proposing, waiter is bringing wine and the love of his life (the one who got away) come roaring up on her motorbike!

Its just as hectic behind the scenes, with the chef busily preparing the food. On the top floor is the artists room with a studio that includes a cast iron heater, easel, paintbrush and two works of art by the aspiring artist. As well as a cozy apartment with pull-down bed, kitchenette, and fireplace. This set includes five minifigures: chef, waiter, girl and a romantic couple.

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It contains 2469 pieces and is over 11” high × 9” long × 9” wide. Using the history of similar products , the typical lifespan on these sets is around four years. Any set that over four years old is always at risk of retirement. Let us know what you think and leave your comment below.

Lego Creator Parisian Restaurant Lego Speed Build

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