LEGO 10247 Power Functions: Found

Raise the boarding platform with a simple pull of the lever, open the gondola door and help the passengers aboard!

Was one if the few sets to be valued down in store.

Very sturdy, lots of colours and lots of mini figures!

Definitely worth a buy if your all about the big models like me!!

Girls with long hair cannot do front facing because of their head / hairs will be blocked by the 2×1 just under the top cover. Mini figures (boys or girls) need to adjust their hands in a un-nature way to fit the side facing.If only one figure sits on a side in a carrier, it will hit the base slightly because of the uneven weight. How about making the wheel smaller and give more rooms to the carriers?

The single instruction book looks cool but make it hard for sharing. The manual could be better if it could be written with more parallelism. It’s important for sets with a lot of repetitions like this. Nevertheless, it’s a great set with no doubt.

LEGO® Power Functions Umbau für das Set Creator Expert 10247 Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel) + Umbau von drei Gondeln auf rot …

The way it is sectioned in the instructions makes it easy and there is much to learn from focusing on the build of each different component.

I love the loading platform/queue, bench, landscaping. Size of the set is very generous – it is huge!

I think the wheel could be easily customizable by adding/editing brick colors in the actual wheel (translucent stud bricks). Not terribly easy to get minifigures in the gondolas. These are tiny and critical observations – the realization of this set is brilliant and impressive.

lego image power functions flego

A detailed look at the Exclusive Lego Creator Expert Ferris Wheel paired with the Power Functions motor and battery box. Pieces: …

lego image power functions flego 1

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