LEGO 10247 Size

The right hand side highlights small details and minifigs. The dimensions, shown at the bottom, are 60cm x 38cm.

Another view of the ride and more close-ups grace the back of the box.

I particularly like this picture on the end panel showing the minifigs ‘in action’. The 2464 parts are packed in bags numbered 1-4, plus one with large plates and beams. The 138-page instruction manual is perfect bound and printed on what appears to be a higher than usual quality of paper.Parts-wise, there are a lot of old parts in new colours as you will see in the pictures below. There are ten figures in total, 6 grown-ups and 4 children. There are also three adult females: an ice-cream vendor and presumably the mother and grandmother. The vendor’s torso is particularly nice and is new this year. The minifig lineup is completed with four children, all with freckled faces. The black-haired boy’s blue jacket torso is particularly nice, as are the right-hand girl’s legs , uncommon in medium lavender.

Lego Creator 2015 Ferris Wheel Review!

Set 10247

So, a lot of effort has been put into the minifig selection to make them interesting and full of character. Here, the platforms have been put in place along with mechanisms to operate them and drive the wheel. With the yellow lever in a forward position the platforms are lowered. In the backward position, they are raised. Bags numbered two provide parts for details around the base including the ice cream vendor’s stand, and walkways and platforms around the base. The ride operator has a covered booth with what looks to be a computerised system for controlling the ride. The two new inverted curves are used on the roof. Note the 1×1 bricks around the bottom, colour co-ordinated with the gondolas. The two blossom trees created a lot of interest when they were first seen in the pictures. The result is a very nice circular tree giving the impression of densely packed flowers and leaves.

I am not going to lie: this is an incredibly tedious build. Not only are the two sides identical but so are the spokes and rim sections, which is not unsurprising of course but it does mean that you end up building a lot of subassemblies over and over, 12 or 24 times. Thankfully they comprise of just a handful of pieces so it’s not too arduous. The end result is sturdy and unlikely to fall apart with normal handling. Two of the spokes on each side have a small spacer at the end (the grey minifig neck bracket) to provide a little more length to them which seems to be just enough to ensure it all fits together properly without slack in the spokes. This is also slightly tedious: the three-part door assembly and identical pair at the back has to be constructed a total of 48 times!

It’s driven via universal joints and held tight against the rim by means of a elastic band which prevents slippage. The action of the raising and lowering platforms under the gondolas was difficult to photograph but if you compare the image above showing it in its lowered position with that below, where it is raised to hold the two side gondolas in place to enable the minfigs to alight, you can just about see it. Care must be taken to ensure the platforms are lowered before turning the motor on otherwise you end up with a horrible grating noise as the gondolas scrape on them!

It’s fun to play with, particularly when motorised. The green ones do not stand out from the base and the purple seems too dark.

I would have gone for red and blue instead. Ordered first thing this morning along with the motor and battery box. Maybe some of those hollow white tube pieces can be used to cover them up.

image Brick in mm.svg

Again as mentioned i think they should have dropped the green gondolas and gone for red, although i quite like the purple.

I just don’t see me wanting it at £150 though.

I wasn’t really interested by the fair ground mixer last year, but this certainly grabbed my attention. Apart from the colour scheme this thing looks perfect.

I really hope my budget allows for this fantastic set.

I will have to start saving up for this set!

Have picked up a dozen appropriate minifigs in after market sites that will fill it up nicely. Yellow and purple are complimentary, but then green is thrown in for some reason, which reflects the bases in a clashing way like how the yellow gondolas clash with the spokes. Ferris wheels come in all varieties and colours, modern and old styles, lit with fancy lights or none at all. Can you really put more than 2 in each one?

Huge Ferris Wheel In Our Lego City!

Creator | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

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