LEGO 10248 Ferrari Hands Review

Which probably explains rather a lot, come to think of it. Even the doors have inner skin details, the pop-up headlights pop up and there are brake discs behind those funky wheels.

The wheel finishers are amongst the few bespoke pieces, the windscreen being a notable other. Favourite creative use of existing parts?

Lego it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the hang of. The company has mastered the art of pictorial instructions – seriously, they’re like works of art in their own right – and rather than one big bag of bits you get several smaller ones, divided into two sections for ease of dining table management.Be careful, because you’ll really be cursing if you get to the end and find there’s a piece missing. Open the box and you’ll discover eight numbered parts bags, a solid instruction manual, and a sticker sheet with 14 stickers. It’s trapezoidal in shape, and has printed red pillars. There isn’t a huge variety of colours, but what you get is decent, and there’s no escaping the colour limitations. The front of the car opens up to reveal a toolbox and oil can, as well as some storage space. There’s even a nice little stick to hold the back open.

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Set 10248

Open the back, take off the rear fender and the engine and exhaust pipes come right out. Lastly, the doors open to show off the interior of the car. There are some excellent looking racing bucket seats, a nicely detailed dash, and full door trims too. And we can’t forget the flip up headlights!

Sure, you’re probably not going to be driving this one around the carpet, but it’s loads of fun to have all the doors open. It all starts with the centre of the car’s chassis. The doors are also added that pair so nicely with the angled section at the rear of the cab. The engine is slotted in, and then the rear bumper gets added. If you’re wondering what the green 1×4 plates are for, then let me fill you in. The rear fender is one plate higher than the rest of the car, so if you push down on it without the green plates being there (as you continue building), then it will break. They’re there just for support during building. Add the spoiler, add it to the car and attach the rear “uprights”, and the back is complete. The front bumper and bonnet are added, using some very cleverly hidden clips and rods to the underside for the air holes.

I did find that the construction of the front bumper was a little flimsy during building, but it did get stronger as you progressed. To me, they could have been created with more parts to make it flow more. The functions are brilliant, and work really well, allowing the owner to really show it off. It’s a little arbitrary, but still does show a reasonably accurate starting point. Of course, some elements will be more highly sought after than others, but it’s a great start. Either way, it’s a set that gives you great value for money.

I think this set will only go up in price after retirement, so get it now.

I don’t know when it will retire, but it’s been around for a while, so it may be soon. For the most part, not many collectors (unless they started a while ago) will have 10187, but five large scale vehicles is still a great display. Do you have all the large scale vehicles?

The single 136-page manual contains 80-odd instruction steps.

There are stickers, but thankfully the vehicle is not plastered with them. Parts are split into two lots, in bags numbered 1 and 2. It’s printed with red pillars on the side.

I predict this will be a game-changer for those that build similar scale vehicles because the windscreen is often the most difficult part to get right. The wheels are new in silver, and the alloy insert is a new part for this set. Note the spanner, green can (oil?) and white thing in the luggage area at the front. Some neat building techniques have been used to achieve the angles in the bodywork. The windshield is hinged and when lowered mates exactly with the 1×2 red cheese slopes at the front of the roof. Construction from bags #2 begins with the engine. Once the engine is fitted, the rear bumper is attached.

I go along such mistakes stand out like a sore thumb and are very annoying!

Lego 10248 Review

The rear spoiler is then added before attention turns to the front, to construct the bumper. Finally, the front wheel arches and bonnet are added. The vent holes in the bonnet are cleverly constructed using clips and rods. Within the limits of the medium the look of the real vehicle has been captured well. It’s a bit blocky in places but that’s to be expected; it’s made from mostly square bricks after all. They appear to be okay until you compare them with the real thing at which point it’s apparent that that area of the model looks nothing like it should do. Maybe if the slope pieces were transparent black, like the windshield, it would have looked better. There’s hardly any repetition and the process is punctuated with a lot of interesting techniques involving clips and bars to attach a number of sub-assemblies.

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Not plastered in stickers, the few that are provided are easy to apply and align accurately. Back liable to fall off when turned upside down. Once built there is nothing really to play with, it’s very much for display only. Like the stuff you can buy in petrol garages incase you get a puncture.

I think the windscreen component would have been more useful if it had not been printed, requiring stickers instead. It’s a raw sports car that didn’t even come with a radio. This is a great representation of the real thing with the opening trunk and hood. Noted, but never mentioned again in the review. Surprisingly, it kind of pushes it over the edge for me. Only in a later stage you get to remove these parts and you free up the ability to steer.

I find odd about the green plates here is that they aren’t used for anything else.I don’t like separating parts of a set from each other; so those plates now reside in the “trunk” of mine. On the real car, they are of course directly connected. Ferrari likes to number their official products and my set is 199403694. The box is of the tab opening variety and not the stickered flap kind. Next up is the the building of the seating and steering column. The steering wheel is attached with some pins so it is able to adjust the height.

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Although it doesn’t do anything, the sports seats are able to fold forward just a little bit to give the back some clearance and detail. The hood opens up to reveal a luggage compartment filled with a spray can, a wrench, and a some white box thing. Finally there are a couple of regular headlights as well as the flip-up ones which are stickers. On each of the license plate are the red brake lights and yellow reverse lights. The lower area has the triple exhaust in between the rear bumper. The hatch can open up to reveal the massive removable engine. The wing and the plexiglass rear window rounds out the details of the hatch. To remove it from the car, you have to lift the hatch and remove the back bumper. Finally, there some new wheel alloys that are iconic to the car. The building techniques used in creating the supercar is absolutely fantastic and the final outcome is instantly recognizable. First of all, we will start with the official description and specks. But what you will most enjoy about this set is the building experience. The number of unique and unexpected building techniques used is just mind-blowing.In fact this is one set that would probably be worth building, taking apart, and rebuilding several times just for the experience and for learning advanced building techniques. In the video-player below you can also find the speed-build of the set, in case you want to see how it’s put together. One of my only complaint about this set is that the printing is a bit too dark. The lights at the back of the vehicle look a bit dark too, as these are transparent pieces over black. Some people solved this problem by adding a small piece of light colored paper behind the lights – a simple solution. And, unlike several other sets released this year, this one is even priced really well!

Are you planning to add it to your collection?

We rarely get such good price/piece ratio these days.

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