LEGO 10249 Review

Before we get started, it might be good to get one question out of the way. The long and short of his response was rather surprising.

The next logical question is; what changes are there in the revised version?

Parts wise, there are noticeable changes between the original set and the rerelease, while keeping all the charm of the original. Other really neat changes are the little toys. Next is the delivery truck that uses the new black roller-skate pieces as wheels – very clever and looks good.Both take advantage of brand new pieces that were not available in 2009, and some very clever building-techniques. Other changes for the toys include the new teddy bear, instead of the small brick-built bear in the original set. Also, a crate has been added to store the light-strands and/or gifts. Also, the lady caroler who used to have two capes to give the illusion of a red interior lining, now only has one cape that is red on one side and black on the other. The original set from 2009 had 815 pieces, while the new set has 898 pieces. So there are a few more areas that got new parts that may explain the increase.

For instance, there is a whole new strand of lights added. Other examples of increased number of pieces include the ladder which originally features a 2×2 modified brick with two finger connections. This time the same shape was rebuilt with plates using four pieces instead of one. Some of the floor tiles have been swapped out as well, from 1×6 to a couple of 1×3 tiles. As for changes in colors, there are several small variations. For example the red lights on the tree were replaced with pink. The fixtures for those lights, as well as the door-knob and frog above the clock, are now all gold. The wheels on the toy train have become silver. And we already talked about the changes for the minifigures. To understand what is happening here, take two 2×4 plates and two 1×1 round plates to conduct a small experiment. Place a 2×4 plate horizontal so you have two rows of four studs. Now place the two round plates in the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the horizontal plate. Now take the second 2×4 plate (also horizontal) and then slightly rotate it so that the lower left stud attaches to the round plate in the upper left corner and the upper right corner attaches to the lower right stud. If you do it right, it should look like the top plate is turned about 45 degrees. In addition, these plates are built around a trunk that is made of 2×2 round bricks. The result is a realistic tree-trunk and convincing limbs when you look at the tree from the side. Ultimately, you do get a roof that looks almost the same, and maybe even a bit more seamless. The trade-off is that it is a lot more fragile than the original. In order to explain this difference you need to understand differing building approaches. And this is where sighted and blind comes into play. These terms refer to how much you are able to see the connections when you are putting something together. This means you are free to build things a bit more on the sturdy side since you don’t need to see what you are covering up. On the other side of the coin is the sighted approach. This method may require using fewer elements or thinner pieces so that you can better have line of sight when you connect things together.

Generally, it has the benefit of looking a bit better since you don’t have to cover up any bulky elements. A great builder will learn to use both styles and use each at the most appropriate times. In short, this version does feel like a small but noticeable upgrade. For those who never got the original, this is an easy set to say yes to when it comes to adding it to your collection because it looks really sweet. If you have the original set already you might still consider picking it up for the upgrades it provides, but truthfully, most of what you get in the new set is minor differences. If you do end up having both sets, you might combine them to make the best version. In the end, this set is great, no matter which version you get. However, for those who have the willpower to skip this set because you have the original, you aren’t missing out on too much. My final opinion is that this was a very good set to have a re-issue for this year. Feel free to share your own experiences and tips, or ask questions in the comment section below!

I say this not knowing how these set pieces are sourced, or how many new sets were produced this year relative to previous years.

Lego 10249 Review

You almost have me convinced to buy this set, despite owning the original. Maybe this can lead to a re-issue of some older modular buildings?

Great review and look forward to ones in the future. Maybe something like a special commemorative issue of the very first set would be possible?

I would like to see a candy/ice cream shop modular to add some crazy unique colors to the theme. Any thoughts on what the next modular set might be?

As far as the next set, there has been no news as of yet. The only thing people speculate is that it might be a corner building.

We should be hearing something soon though. However just listing out some of the very specific series that needed special molds really shows how much things are stretched. In the end, the future of any series will depend on how well it sells. So if you are not planning to buy this one because you have the original version, try talking someone else who never got it. Because as you know it remains one of the more interesting sets out there. That shows with precision the differences between both and i might say that i own the first one, 10199, and i’ll buy for sure this new one because new the details are important for me and i really love this theme : the winter sets. Of course this opens many doors for sets that go along with train displays.

We have collected each subsequent set and will continue to do the same. This brings me to the brickblogger for the very first time!

Lego enthusiasts expecting a new set were not pleased by this turn of events. Anyway, this set is not exactly an identical reprint: many small details have been changed.For first, the minifigure lineup has been enhanced and expanded. As for the set, many small details have been updated. The part itself, while available since 1999, was not printed in green until 2012. In this case, the new color have been introduced exclusively for this set, as it’s unique here. A curious change has been made to the awnings on the front and on the side: in the older version, the dark red stripes were longer; in the new version, the white ones are.

I really don’t see the point in the change.

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Perhaps they wanted a lighter overall color?

I was expecting more, but the toys micro builds probably rise the count of different parts considerably, and minifigure parts are also counted. Well, i guess it’s time to stop comparing and start building!

As noted earlier, the green technic beam with the arc is also exclusive in dark green. The new tiles with pin make an appearance here (more on these later). Two different sizes of pine are present in this set. These are really ancient pieces: the small one was introduced back in ’86, while the big one even in ’73. The cat is an exclusive part of this set, according to the databases. The snowboard is a new 2015 piece, and appear in dark blue exclusively here. As a fan of microbuilds, i might be biased, but i really love these things. Afol broke in tears when they first saw it. Two are included in this set, plus one spare. The lamp post comes next, and it’s a great looking one, with a wrought iron feel perfectly represented with some snot techniques, including the use of black skeleton legs.The tree is then built with plenty of plates, arranged in layers each of which has a hole to slide the trunk in, and is rotated by an angle. The last layer “closes” the tree by using one of the new 2 x 2 round tiles with stud in center. It’s size is important too, as you can see by the minifig on the side. A ladder is also provided to pose you little people in the action of decorating it. The woman has an alternate, non singing but still reddened expression. None of the components are exclusive (except for the snowboard), but they’re still quite nice. The girl is the only one with a back print, while two kids have an alternative expression. The “parents” (or whatever you want them to be) are also very generic and made with very common parts. The last one is the toy maker, which looks good despite being another combination of very common parts. Two other microscale toys are built (a small robot and a train locomotive) and i love them too. After all we are talking about toy shops!

Let’s move upstairs where the front facade is built, with the garland. On the taller side, we create a small workshop which is equipped with hammer and pliers. It will provide light for the small room, but not for the rest of the model. Anyway, some pin with stud are used to connect the front facing tiles. Finally the roof is built with two connected halves. Interestingly, the roof is attached to the model only by one side, with just two clips.

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