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Watch the video review and take a look at the detailed photos that go along with our written review for the full analysis. One thing that was odd with our set is that one 2×4 tan plate was not in any of the bags, but it ended up being needed when building the set from bag set 3.

The reflective, or mirrored, gold stickers add a lot of that imagination-inspiring luster that is sure to stir up memories from one’s childhood. If these were chrome the pieces, they would probably be crazy valuable and crazy expensive. The latter would mean a lot of negative feedback from the consumers no doubt. The less expensive, more durable result from the stickers is probably a better move.Though be careful putting them on, removing them to adjust them will leave visible defects on the stickers. The small ticket stand helps to give a sense of scale to the rest of the model when viewed together. The gear box is on one side of the set, so a the cross-section of the base of the model is not a mirror-image, which is nice. All in all, there are not many gears to make this work, which makes sense given the perceived simplicity of the movement. However, there are a lot of pieces that go into supporting the central axle and keeping the gears firmly in place to minimize the stress of the movement due to the mass of the set and also maximize the smoothness of the turning. As mentioned earlier, the base is very strong and space efficient which keeps the model from being too heavy and from damaging itself if carried.

The different and contrasting colors in the base of the model makes it easy to figure out where to place each piece. A smooth circular area is created with red and dark tan tiles. Later this will help the platform remain completely flat when being spun. The column is fitted with several pieces with studs on the side to make it strong with plates connected at the 90-degree angle. The gearbox includes an easy way to connect a power function set to the model to make it spin on its own. The brown technic piece shown connects to an otherwise unused safety gear that will stop spinning if the too much resistance is met. If that were to happen, a lot of stress would be put on the motor, but the safety gear prevents you from wreaking your motor should such a situation occur. Now with the base of the model done, the platform can be made. Interestingly enough, the top portion of the platform is built first, starting with the rather elegant stairs leading up to it. Using a system of clips and hinges, the circular frame is built. Although not a new piece, the element with the two hinge edges on both sides hasn’t come in a set in this quantity, and is definitely a useful element when creating symmetrical hinged components. The light gray log bricks were a welcome sight though!

Another favorite piece of mine in this set is the inverted 1x2x3 brick which is used a lot to make the bottom portion of the platform. They connect to the yellow gear via technic connections and then are connected to each other along the outside. Connecting all of the floor panels together creates a rather cool-looking circle. Because each panel is attached sideways, the surface is very smooth and looks a lot nicer than if tiles were used to make the platform. It’s only a matter of sliding the platform over top of the column and it’s instantly ready to spin!

The decorated blue column looks fantastic with the gold mirror stickers, and the blue color will certainly prove useful in other creations. The most difficult part to connect was the below section that connected to the top of the column.

I eventually connected each part separately and then it worked. Like the platform below, the frame is held in its perfect circle form with hinges. After a picture showing how to align the frame, the frame is attached to the column. The wheels help support the frame, turn the frame, and are used to make the animals move up and down as the top frame spins. Each animal was fun to build, and it each used very different techniques to achieve the necessary shapes to make them instantly recognizable.

The cloth pieces overlap to prevent gaps, and the flexible white pieces are icing on the cake. The next portion of the build answers the question how the white is filled in behind the blue details. Finally, the tentacle pieces create the perfect finish for the flowing blue detail and then gold crowns and the flag are added to complete the model. This set is a real joy to build since it’s not a traditional kind of structure. On top of that you get lots of useful pieces for building your own circular creations as you could see from the video and pictures. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own. If you liked this review, leave us a comment about your favorite part!

As a result, its after-market value has increased to make it an expensive buy for fairground fans. When we made that model, we had a problem with it. It is made on one big, green base plate and if you go to lift it up, the baseplate will bend and the whole model could separate from the baseplate and fall apart. It was an oversight when we made that model, that we didn’t quite make it stable enough.

Lego 10257 Review

From the left we have grandma with her rather youthful looking open flannel shirt and camera accessory. Mum/adult female has enough to do keeping an eye on the children so she doesn’t carry any accessories but is wearing dark tan trousers and a little bit of sparkly jewellery with her medium lavender cardigan to show off her femininity. There are three children, a boy and two girls who each carry a food accessory. None of the minifigure parts or faces are new, although the combination of outfits, faces and hair make them a ‘new’ complete minifigure when listed on reseller sites.

We thought it would add colour and fun to the model and help as although the main model is colourful and beautiful, it is a repetitive building experience. The injection hole from the moulding process can be on either side making it possible to hide the hole for a nicer appearance. Putting all the decorative elements into position is rather satisfying and does result in a beautiful model. Each mini build section occupies just the right amount of space to add detail without causing the end result to be overly cluttered.

LEGO Creator Expert 10257 Carousel Review

The ornamental elements area at the top really only had a few versions. It was more about what we would put in between them to disguise the end of the tail element and make a fun shape. This is a giant frog and we made this feature of him hopping as he goes round and that was ideal.

I should mention that it is easy to add power functions to the model as no alterations to the build are required.

I totally agree about the injection holes on the blue tail end pieces. Output of the sorter is a line of parts one by one as to count or weight the exact number going to bag. The parts to be equal, but mirrored and the random chance is the same for each type. There is a limited number parts in the bin (unlike unlimited “use of coin side” when tossing), but the chance to have more left or right variant is the same so depletion should be statistically equal, therefore not changing much the probability to get left or right (from 1:1). For a large bin, like the one we are discussing, this distribution would be nearly indistinguishable from the binomial situation you described. But, without further delay, let’s have a look at it in more detail. It is exceptionally detailed, and has wonderful functionality.As the animals approach the gear box, they tend to stop moving up and down.

I am not crazy about the number of stickers on this set though. All of the mirrors are reflective stickers stuck onto tiles. Both are connected to the model in a fairly clever manner. My issues with it are the number of stickers, and the functioning. It really makes their arms look too long.

Carousel Lego Creator Expert Designer Video

Experience the majestic Carousel with a wealth of delightful features, including a large textile canopy, ornate reflective rounding …

However, they do all have more than just the generic face print, as well as front and back print on their torsos. The two girls each have a hairpiece, and the boy has a baseball cap. Again, none of them have double-sided faces, or any leg printing, which costs them six marks. Their torsos are all double-sided, with the exception of the ride-operator. Minifigure ratio of this set is 381:1, which is pretty poor. So, you will spend a lot of time putting this set together, which is great, and earns a full 100% again.

You get a really low cost per brick, and a hours of build time. It looks really good when it is all set up too. Be forewarned though, if you hate stickers, you will be spending a lot of time putting them on. Especially if you had the same functionality issues as me and managed to fix them. Feel free to leave your comments in the space below. Parts are divided into bags numbered 1 to 5 so thankfully there’s no need to sift through all 2670 parts when building it. It’s small but functional and if the set didn’t include it it would be no loss.The drive mechanism takes shape early in the build and it’s important to make sure everything runs freely so ensure smooth operation later. Wheels run on top of the circle of tiles so they need to be pressed down firmly and flush. The smaller central section is held together with clip-and-bar plates underneath. It is this, of course, that meshes with the gears in the base to provide rotation. Six of the sections have wheels underneath which will roll on the tiles shown in the picture above. The eight sides of the column are angled using hinges and clever geometry. The four wheels on it roll over tiles on the top of the central column. The four cams (red and yellow technic pieces) are connected to the wheels: it is this mechanism that raises and lowers the animals on the ride as it rotates. They are all delightful but also they are all flawed as you will see below. This is evidenced by the hole on one side of it. If you don’t have the exact same number of left- and right- hand ones the hole will be visible from the outside on some of the subassemblies, as is the case on 8 of mine. Once the ‘sails’ and all the subassemblies have been attached, and some gold crowns added, it looks spectacular. The 2×2 tile printed with a book is new. Ferris wheel while the animals add a much-needed splash of colour. They need to cling on for dear life while standing on top of them. As a result, it’s not a model you’ll want to finish all in one session. The finished model does looks fantastic and, if you’ve remembered to ensure the gears run smoothly, works well. While it can be cranked by hand it’s not much fun doing so. It is a shame that the minifigs have to risk life and limb when riding them, though.

LEGO Creator Carousel 10257 Review

A single sheet supplies shiny gold ones for the white tiles on the central column and the 2×2 round tiles around the edge of the canopy. The review is an expression of my own opinions.

I would rather have seen that the minifigs.

I am trying to rebuild it the elephant is the easiest.

I enjoyed getting a look at the engineering involved.

I can look at the official images to see what it looks like with stickers, after all. A sound brick really would complete this. Lego has the option of making printed mirror bricks. The final pics above don’t do the set justice. It’s now been thrown back in the box where it’ll remain. All those tan wedge pieces that never stay together, plus the stair piece that’s only held on by 2 half studs did me in. The model looks good and the minifigures are fine, maybe one or two more would have been nice though.

I think it looks good either way and haven’t decided which way to go with this set although aligning all those circles stickers doesn’t excite me in the least. Oddly enough they didn’t market it that way. Let’s check out the new one to see if it is worth adding to your collection. The head piece has printing of his mustache and wearing glasses. His accessory is a printed 1×2 ticket tile. The mom wears a lavender colored shirt with a medium lavender jacket with tan pants. The head piece is double-sided with a happy expression on one side and a sleeping expression on the other. The dad has a red plaid shirt with olive colored pants.

I do like his particular head with the happy expression on one side and a barfing expression on the other. His accessory is also the printed ticket tile. The grandmother has a nice looking plaid blue torso with brown legs. The two sides of her head are very similar with the only difference in her eyes. The boy has on a blue shirt with an orange jacket and green pants. He also wears a tan baseball cap while holding an ice cream cone.One of the girls has on a light blue hoodie over a purple shirt with a star. The printing on her head shows her wearing red framed glasses with a smile. Her accessory is a trans-lime green candy piece. Her face printing shows her with some freckles and a smile. The final size of everything together comes out to 40×40 studs in size. The inner workings of the set is basically the simple gear system that connects to the center pillar. The two-tier platform is built upon some circle gear racks. Here we have one of the more repetitive parts of the build as there are a number of sections that you will need to assemble. By the end of one or two of them, you’ll most likely have memorized the build. The smaller platform has some stairs going up to it with some hand rails circling it. This whole section goes on top of the base area which gives everything more stability. Even though this area doesn’t use a lot of parts, it did take me quite a while to finish because of all the stickers to apply. The wings are on ball joints so there’s some movement there. The head and neck are connected on a clip so you can get some movement there as well. The flamingo has a simplistic look and with the way the parts are used, it gives the look of a pole going right through it. The frog is probably my favorite out of the bunch. All of the animals are attached at the bottom of the platform and at the top of the wheel system. The cloth sail pieces attaches easily on the pegs at the top and on the sides. Next up, we have the outer edges of the canopy and this is probably the most tedious part of the whole build as we have lots of repetitive building of three different things. In the middle of this group of sub-assemblies use up the rest of the round stickers. Finally, we have the curved areas that connect everything together. This uses some new medium blue tail piece that connect to the 1×1 brick. These attach to the first group on the jumper plates and the ends of the tails go behind the second group of builds. It took me about six and half hours of building with most of the time going to putting the stickers on some of the parts because of my propensity to have the stickers straight on or very close to it. The various shades of blue goes nicely with the yellow canopy and pearl-gold elements.

I just used a regular motor on it so it went at a regular speed but you can also control the speed of it using additional accessories. The first is the abundance of stickers that are used.

I would think the set would look good even without the stickers. The riders don’t have a space to “sit” on them and they’re just standing on top and holding on to the pole or just loosely sitting on the swan.

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