LEGO 10261: ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ Roller Coaster BRICK ARCHITECT

Just reading the diameters makes it difficult to appreciate how big this set is. Due to the number of pillars and empty space in the set, the whole coaster measures over 20 inches high (53cm), 34 inches wide (88cm) and 16 inches deep (41cm).

Lego 10261

This makes it an eye-catching, while actionable display piece so ensure that space is aplenty before deciding to purchase this set. Fans were excited for the new set, but even more excited to learn about this new type of track, hoping to see it appear in a much larger set as soon as possible. Of these there are 7 types of track available to allow you to customize the roller coaster to your heart’s desire. The manuals are broken up to separate the build into two parts, building each the left and the right part of the coaster separately.The 180 and 258 page manuals build the left and right half of the coaster respectively, allowing for the build to be broken up between two or more individuals each building a separate half. Or just the whole set together for a longer experience. Despite this structural support built in, it is important to note that until you start building the coaster up the base is rather flimsy and can fall apart so before starting find a nice large space to build the coaster on so that you do not need to move it. The large base gives you the first sense of how big it is going to be!

As can be seen from the box alone you will anticipate repetition in columns. Albeit detail in structure and making use of technic pieces in order to support the thin, yet increasingly tall, columns one may feel slight boredom when building the bulk of this set.

Lego Creator Roller Coaster Review, Motor Power & Size Comparisons!


Beams support the tracks, while making it rigid enough to carry. Once at the top wheels are creatively used to push the cart along a curve in the coaster before preparing for the drop. At the base of the coaster the set comes with an additional cart to allow two sets of individuals to ride the roller coaster in parallel, and if timed right you can have them both run at the same time with no collisions. The extra set is placed on a reserve track on the side, and through a neat power function can be slid out to replace the main track letting the second cart run. There is a built-in lock mechanic to prevent the cart from continuously flowing, letting it stop at the station, however the mechanic is oddly built as the cart does not lock properly so you may have to manually force the cart through, fortunately however this feature can be disabled to let the cart move seamlessly. Despite repetition in the structure, this set makes up for this repetition in details in its side builds. Along with the roller coaster itself the set comes with some details side builds to complement and give off the impression that we are in a theme park. On the side we have a juice bar, ticket and photo booth, along with a cotton candy machine littered around the park, giving more depth to the build. With all of these being modular, they can easily be removed and moved around the park to the builders choosing. The most notable and interesting parts are the new track parts that are exclusive to just a few sets, with to date the red track parts being unique to this set. This set contains 3 entirely new parts, with an additional 14 parts being existing parts printed in a new color. This set comes with 11 minifigures, of which only 1 is a child. For an unlicensed set this set comes with a large number of figures, all of which are dressed as park goers. Of these however none stand out super heavily as uniquely desirable figures, but the set alone makes up for that. On the whole, a nice selection of figures that does well and fits into the park, however having more children wouldn’t hurt. The cool selection of minifigures and my inner engineer nerding out at the mechanics behind how to operate the coaster and watching the carts seamlessly glide through the tracks leaves a soft warm feeling in my heart. On a whole this is a fun large set for the whole family and provides endless hours of fun during and after the build experience. More importantly, it is a lot of fun to share with friends and family when it’s complete. Did you have different experiences building this set—let us know by leaving a comment below!

A chain tray or channel for the chain to move in on the up hill curve track. This is why the coaster cars jerk a bit on the way up the chain climb. Such an awesome build and works seamlessly. Whatever the case, it’s bound to be an eye-catching display piece. Firstly, it boasts a fully functional chain-lift to pull the 2 trains up towards the highest point, gaining potential energy as it climbs up the ramp.

lego image ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ roller coalego creator roller co 1

Something that would be very familiar if you’ve been on a roller coaster. The track consists of 44-pieces made up of 7 different rail elements. Lastly, the brick-built words are pretty neat. Best to add on the battery-operated option to keep things moving. No major concerns with construction although putting together the loop that pulls the cars up was a bit tedious.

I will definitely be rushing out to get it!

Lotto to buy a bigger house, to fit this bad boy in. Plus, its a roller coaster so its damn cool!

It looks fantastic and packed with details!

Although still a pricey set the conversion is actually really good!

Add on the chance of a 20% off sale, and this will be the steal of the year.

Lego 10261

Lower the lap bars to secure the riders into the cars and release the brake to send the train to the foot of the first climb. Includes 11 minifigures: a cotton candy vendor, 2 ride attendants, 2 grandparents with their granddaughter and 5 riders. Release the brake to send the cars to the foot of the first climb. Activate the chain lift to pull the train cars to the top of the first drop. Don’t forget to smile as you race past the camera!

This amazing set includes over 4, 120 pieces. Measures over 20” (53cm) high, 34” (88cm) wide and 16” (41cm) deep.

We generally build a set over the course of a few days or weeks one bag at a time before bed time.

Lego 10261 Creator Roller Coaster 4124pcs BRAND

This set took the longest for us to complete, but was very enjoyable to build. My son also liked helping me with the gear assemblies, chain drive, and other complicated sections. Most importantly, unlike a few of the sets we’ve built in the past, this one has had the greatest play value. The only sort of con for me, is that it takes up a lot of space. But its size is also what makes it so incredible and fun. The structure itself appeared “unstable”, but at the end of the build it was decently stable. Coaster train running on the tracks its so smooth!

The set can be built in two halves at the same time.

I have experienced this in other sets and it should be advertised because it makes building with a friend or family member so much easier and more fun.

I built this with my partner and we clipped the two halves of the ride together at the end. The set has a lot of play value as it comes with a load of mini figures, some stalls and the ride platform.Cars can be stopped and started from the ride platform using the tyre mechanism. If un-motorised, the chain lift can also be hand cranked which adds to the fun. The only con to this set is the usual one where it has some stickers instead of printed bricks. Given the price of the set it should have been all printed bricks. The model is huge and impressive to look at, making it both a great standalone piece or a standout part of a fairground.

We all assembled on and off over a day and a half was great watching it come together.

lego image ʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ roller coalego creator roller co 2

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