LEGO 10288

First floor features fireplace that swings open and displays a ship in a bottle on the mantle. Pull the lever hidden in the chimney to release the drop down staircase and access the top floor!

Lego 10288

There are two windows in the back but they’re just windows. Most of the house is made out of sand green bricks and a few tan and gray bricks. The front porch steps look broken and in need of repair. This house has a front door and a back door that both open of course.There is also a table with a big pot and two bottles. Back in the living room walk up the stairs to see a picture of the werewolf hanging above the stairs and a table for writing a letter and a chair. Also right beside the table is a feather quill and a bottle of ink sitting on another chair. The butler has a black tuxedo and carries a tray with drinks on it. It took me a day and a half to build this though it was just me working alone. My 8 year old daughter wanted it very much.

Lego Monster Fighters 10228 Haunted House Set Review!

2,000+ Pieces

We just finished the first floor and it is awesome.

You have to be v careful because the house is intentionally crazy and it is easy to misalign a section and have to redo it. It is v expensive but well worth the bonding time and challenge for fine motor skills and thinking strategically.

I am very pleased with all the collection and still have them in the boxes unopened and in mint condition. If you are going to build it then it is fine. It appears to be 100% complete based on pictures. Excellent condition, lightly dusty from display. This set is in very good condition and the box displays nicely. Tremble in fear as you open the gate, go weak at the knees as you. .. Never played with and comes with original box, instructions and mini figures. Set taken apart and placed back inside the box for shipping. The house is hinged to open and close easily.

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Lego® Monster Fighters Haunted House

Enter the haunted house at your peril!

Fight your way through spider webs to enter Vamprye’s Haunted House, features unique …

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