LEGO 10506 Set: DUPLO Train Accessory

She just turned 4 years old and can make a figure 8 out of the track and incorporated the 2 switch tracks by herself. She spends hours playing with her trains.

Absoultely love it and might have to buy another set!

This seems to be a cynical way to bloat up the piece count. This would also allow more track layouts and feel less like just an up-sell.

You need more track, no matter how much you have!This system owns our living room floor, is a great value condsidering how much our lil uns play with it. It also isn’t too bad on the bare feet in the middle of the night. He didn’t want to play with anything else except this train. It’s still one of his favorites 5 months later. No, they aren’t cheap but the quality allows all my grandsons to enjoy them even if they are sometimes a little rough. Also the tracks were a different color, gray instead of black, and shorter than original track.

LEGO Duplo Train Accessory Set 10506+ 10507 My First Train Set …

It will, however, accommodate the train cars and provides layout options. It over doubles the track size so that your toddler doesn’t get bored with the train going in one small circle and allows for various track configurations. He loves playing with this set, that we have added towns and trees and people to, as the weeks go by. Instead of the train just going in a circle, it can make all sorts of trips. My 2 year old loves setting them up in different patterns. This set effectively replaces the single track packs (straights #2734, curves #2735, and switches #3775).

lego image duplo train acceslego

lego image duplo train acceslego 1

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