LEGO 10552: Creative Cars

A colorful building inspiration poster is also included.

I spent endless creative hours building my own custom jet planes, rockets, space stations, and moon rovers.

Lego 10552

We’ve built a few of his favorite vehicles several times and he’s caught on to the idea that he can always rebuild them, so there’s no real downside to tearing them apart. He loves pulling out the included “inspiration” poster and thinking over what he wants to build next (it’s made of rather thin paper, so we had to laminate it to keep him from obliterating it).

I love seeing the joy on his face as he finishes building a tow truck or a dump truck with no help from me. It comes with an amazing variety of pieces that work together in some really neat ways.My one year old is a little young for it of course, but he has fun pushing around the cars his sisters create for him. They’ve come up with many different unique ones. There are more pieces than shown in some of the photos – look around the bottom of the box for more examples of the different vehicles you can make. The tow truck hitch is a fav in our household. They’re a great classic toy that is useful forever!

If you have toddlers that like to take things apart and put things together, this is for them!

Lego Duplo Creative Cars Review!

Set 10552

Toddlers can create several different simple types of cars/trucks using the various blocks. And the box gives you ideas of what to build, if you are like me and not that into cars/trucks.

I also like the small gas hose and fuel tank block that comes with it, as we didn’t have any other gas station accessories.

I was a little worried that this would be too simplistic for us, because my boys have lots of realistic looking vehicles and these are shaped more like “little kid” toys, but they still find them very interesting and fun. He is now nearly 2, and he loves this set and never tires of it. At first, he needed help assembling the vehicles, though he understood the idea right away. Now, he loves to make them into “trains”. He has other duplos, but he especially loves the wheels and that these move.

I know he and his baby brother will enjoy these for several years, and they don’t take much space to store between visits. The blocks and vehicles are simple and big enough so that he’s able to duplicate the cars in the pictures with no help. He lets his imagination run wild and has all kinds of scenarios and adventures with them. Create the coolest vehicles with just a few bricks!

Perfect size for him right now and they complement the mega block building set he has used for years. One of the best overall toys and the fact that they are available in progressive sizes makes them the basis for continual growth as a child ages. My 2 toddler boys especially like playing with these and use the rest of our legos to make creative cars. Using this alone can be different because it doenst come with enough peices to keep occupied for too long. They did really love the cars and pushing them around, but after a year, they’ve pretty much lost all interest in this set. He’s a little young for it, but my nephew is 2 and is here all the time and wants to play with these.

We have about 4 various sets we throw in a big tub, so there’s plenty to go around.

We made some very tall, colorful cars with this set, which my nephew thinks is hilarious!

I try to buy toys that encourage learning and imagination. Lego’s also truly hold their value and are extremely hardy.

I love that they can just be washed off and are good to go. The price is great for how many pieces the set comes with.

lego image creative cars lego duplo creative ca 1

Lego’s aren’t cheap, but they can be passed down and never go out of style. These are a gift, but will be great for the 2 year old. This kit has several cars that can be built and of course incorporated with other collections of blocks to create new items. This particular set is great for kids who love cars – includes several pictures of ideas of vehicles to make. The ‘gas pump’ pieces can be used in different ways. He likes to figure out how to build the ones on the insert that came with the set as well as get creative and come up with his own ideas.

Lego Duplo Creative Cars Piece Set From Review

LEGO Duplo Creative Cars 10552 40 piece set from 2013 – this is an excellent Duplo set. It is designed for very young builders …

lego image creative cars lego duplo creative ca 2

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