LEGO 10553: BrickLink

The box lid also doubles as a handy building plate. Features 3 window cubes, a cute bear and assorted decorated bricks in pastel colors.

Lego 10553

Box lid doubles as a handy building plate. She loves taking the doors off their hinges and asking us to put them back on. One thing to note is that the doorways are twice as deep as the ones you might remember from when you were a kid (they are cubes with 4 rows of four knobs on top)- which is a great size for little kid’s hands. The bear is also scaled nicely with the giraffe and elephant from the duplo ville baby zoo, but might be more of a bear cub than a grown up bear compared with the bears (we don’t have those bears anymore to compare to).My 16 month old granddaughter particularly likes that she is able to open and close things with this and for some reason, she just loves the little bear that comes with it. The top can be used as a building base if you don’t want to buy one of the big base plates. My child (18 months) loves that she can ‘build’ with the little bear, and enjoys sticking him on all of her towers. Great to identify colors, feel texture and build.

I wish it were a lightweight metal instead. They love the opening windows; the shapes are different – lots of curves, and they seem to love that.

Lego Duplo Set 10553 Starter Set

Stop motion animation of Duplo set 10553. This set contains a base board, window bricks and a cute teddy bear. Great fun for kids …

The bear is a big hit and hiding things in the “windows” is very fun. The top of the box is a building base, so that is a major bonus to this set. He absolutely loves looking through the windows and he loves the little animal that comes with this kit.

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Lego Duplo

lego duplo 10553-Лего Строительные блоки для игры малыша Дуло 10553 Компания Электромотор Киев. Контактный …

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