LEGO 10572 Pieces

At its heart is a buildable wagon base with rounded edges and wheels that really turn. This comprehensive set also includes 2 opening window elements, a cute dog and numbered bricks with corresponding decorated bricks to help your child develop their counting skills.

Wagon measures over 1″ high, 3″ long and 2″ wide. The adorable dog and person were a huge hit!

There is one radio to match to the number 1, two mice to match to the number 2, and three apples to match tothe number 3. This sparked so much creativity during our play.The kids built a taxi car that had to drive around and pick up the matching picture that belonged to the number, and another child built a number train.

We also had fun seeing how high we could build the bricks before it would topple over.

We also had a mom and son work on building patterns with the different colored bricks!

They gathered around as my 4 year old son opened it. The little ones were most interested to see what was inside and swish around the bricks once they were opened. They loved taking them out of the box and putting them back in.

Many 1 years old even expressed great interest to sit inside it. My 4 year old son loved building the suggested rocket that was in the little booklet that came inside the box. After that, he enjoyed flying it around and crashing it. He then re-built it to be another bigger rocket. Some of the older boys combined those bricks with their dinosaur bricks to build whatever they wanted. He’s very cute and its fun to watch my son put him in the car and the rocket.

We can play both inside and outside without worry because the bricks are made very well and are easy to wipe clean if played outside. They still could use their imagination and build whatever their hearts desired. Some favorites from the box were the dog and the car. My youngest feels independent since she can open and close the box on her own, and is now able to play whenever she wants. My kids ages range from 2 to 9 years old, so finding something they all enjoy together has always been a struggle. Mostly simple blocks which are great for learning the basics of putting them together and pulling them apart.

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