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Have fun making up brand new stories for the princesses – the possibilities are endless. Three popular princesses in one special set!

Lego 10596

My 3 year old granddaughter loves this set–and so does her brother. Figures themselves are adorable and the three settings you can build for them are great, too.

I can hear her playing in the other room and taking on all the voices of her princesses while building her castles. Squeals of delight when she opened it and we couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough for her.Have fun making up brand new stories for the princesses – the possibilities are endless.

I had also bought her a classic box of legos, which she plays with and likes but the princess legos just made her week. They are easy to put together, easy enough for a 3 year old. Overall, a very adorable lego set that’s great for younger lego builders. My daughter loves this set and likes to have me put it back to “how the box shows it” after she’s done building her own creations. The only other draw back that my daughter has come across was that she couldn’t remove the stethoscope off of doc mcstuffin.

Принцессы Диснея / Лего Дупло 10596 / Играем в конструктор Lego

Собираем конструктор Замок Принцессы Дисней от Лего Дупло, в наборе три принцессы : Золушка, Белоснежка…

Pieces are quality and snap together a little stiffly, but stay together. My 4 yr old girl and 18 month old boy both enjoy this set. She is 3 years old and absolutely loves this toy. She loves to dress and undress the princesses (their skirts are removable fabric, with elastic waists). The pieces are big enough so she can’t choke on them but are easy for little hands to grasp.

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Коллекция Lego «Принцесса Диснея»

Встречайте очаровательных принцесс Диснея в этом уникальном коллекционном наборе LEGO DUPLO®!

Постройте …

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