LEGO 10664 Walmart Giant Creative Tower

No unique parts except the uniqueness of color options. There are so many people who just want simple bricks for their kids to play and this is that great set.

With the amount of bricks the possibilities are endless.

I drove by the one in my town and nope’d the hell out.

I was able to buy mine through the website with no issues. My guess is that you can do the same this go-around.It was great not having to go to the store. Place was dead, everyone was at home preparing. The pallets were completely randomized, so it was sheer luck that put you in close proximity of what you actually wanted. People were poking holes in the plastic, and it was mass chaos. It’s a slimy tactic to blame crappy hours on the customers. It’s upper management’s fault for deciding to appeal to potential customers by staying open more hours than they should.

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Do you think their workers are getting paid time off?

If they don’t work, it’s a free day’s pay. If they do work, they get paid holiday pay in addition to their normal pay, so it’s essentially double hours. But in reality you don’t, vacation and sick days are blacked out, and the regular 8 hour shift becomes 10 or 12 hours. It’s pretty simple take the money, quit, or get fired if make a fuss. Or they could do the truly employee-friendly thing like certain other retailers and make it a paid holiday. Walmart workers are often glad to have the extra holiday hours so they can afford things for the holidays. Even if the deals are time limited, you can show up early and just hang out in the store until the correct time to purchase them. It used to be, but they changed it a few years ago. Some have tried 24 hours and then switch back. And even then, only closed from like, 6 am to 6 pm or something. Thanksgiving, this just encourages stores to stay open on a holiday. The large one, 10698, contains only 790 bricks, but comes in a nice box. The 1-hour guarantee is only for items on the back page of the ad.

I always vow not to buy my little one any more and it’s a lie, a huge effin lie. Keep planning for a project build but got no time.

I got 5 towers and still have 3 sitting in the closet. They don’t plan on having enough for everyone, so when they get there and its sold out, they’ll buy some other set that is at a higher profit margin. Or do they also include others like angled pieces and whatnot?

That would be really cool if sometime they made a builder set like this that were maybe not the right colors, but all of the pieces to make something like the statue of liberty in rainbow colors or something. There’s a variety (wheels, eyes, blank heads, angled etc). It has to do with the fact that their patents expired a few years ago. That is why the have all these lego friends and new characters/shows.

You will notice that this pack comes with no lego people.

Lego Bricks and More 10664 Creative Tower

The other guys was saying that he bought this one a few years back for the same price. Walmart’s black friday sale thing but they’ve gone on sale early for whatever reason. A friend told me these were actually put out at my local walmart yesterday.

We got a great set!!!

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