LEGO 10667: Construction

Then use the scaffolding to rebuild the wall.

I would have like to have enough pieces to make both scenes at the same time.

My 4-year old grandson loved them, and was able to put them together by himself. This is our go-to gift for birthday parties for preschool and kindergarten kids. The building instructions and complexity is well adjusted for young children and the things they build are substantial enough that they give the kids a real sense of accomplishment (without the frustration of more complex and “cool” legos). He has struggled with motor skills somewhat and even legos could be sort of a challenge.The projects in this set are just right for him as far as the amount of challenge involved. He really enjoyed playing with the items once they were complete.

I could see his eyes light up when he was able to put the pieces together without too much struggle and he was happy seeing his accomplishment. He’s now 3 and now plays with the set unmonitored and builds his own ‘creations’. My son loves this set and wants to play with it all the time. Felt like we got a great deal because you can make two different cars (not at the same time however) ­čÖü and turn the crane into a different construction piece.

Will definitely buy again when a birthday comes up!

He spends hours building and playing with it. Then use the scaffolding to rebuild the wallÔÇŽand itÔÇÖs a job well done!

Includes a construction worker minifigure. Perfect for a budding four year old builder!

Excellent birthday party gift for 3-4 year olds. Easy and short building time, fun to play with, enough blocks to get creative, and a box big enough to keep the pieces for several sets.

I would definitely recommend this set to others, very simplistic. So easy to put together, great for any child who loves construction trucks. Use the crane with wrecking ball, wheelbarrow and truck. This colorful collection of basic bricks teaches basic connectivity and is easy to handle.

Lego Juniors Construction

Can you knock down the wall and build a new one?

Construction set with Truck and crane. 160 Pieces and 1 Minifig. Price about┬á…

lego image construction lego juniors construct

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